G.O.A.’L and You&Me Psychological & Consultation Services (YPCS) are pleased to offer G.O.A.’L members subsidized counseling services! G.O.A.’L has partnered with various local organizations to provide adult adoptees with mental health services at affordable rates since 2008. 15 G.O.A.’L members can receive up to 10 counseling sessions for a discounted rate of KRW 25,000/session....
The primary goal of the Birth Family Search Directory is to raise awareness about international adoption among the Korean public and more specifically to target birth families searching for their children. The BFS Directory - which will be published exclusively in Korean - will contain profiles of adoptees who want to make themselves known to their birth families. This year we will also...
G.O.A.'L depends on our members and your support. Our staff, Adoptee and Korean, is funded by you to make sure they always have your best interests in mind - no matter if you're in Korea or abroad! We need your membership to continue and improve our core services that are crucial to all adoptees, whether you're living in or returning to Korea. You can contribute to G.O.A.'L in several ways


Fun and networking
Throughout the year G.O.A.'L arranges events in Korea for adoptees, by adoptees.
From big annual events like First Trip Home, regular cultural workshops like cooking classes, to weekly informal outings like co-ed soccer.
We focus on our overall wellbeing, from translation help doing everyday tasks to long term sustainability in the form of mental health.


Adoptees helping adoptees
Our vision is to be the premiere authority on adoptee matters.
Our mission is to be an adoptee-centric hub connecting adoptees worldwide. We are committed to sustainability and providing the highest level of services based on informed adoptees' experiences and knowledge.