2020 G.O.A.'L. Rebrand

G.O.A.’L.’s mission has always been to serve Korean adoptees whether overseas or living in Korea. It is a unique organization that was founded by adoptees and remains run by adoptees 22 years later. The original logo, that is used today, was designed by Belgium-adoptee, kimura byol-nathalie lemoine. Their vision for the design was based on a place and time when adoptees were coming back to Korea for the first time. Adoptees were wanting to be here longer than just tourists or language students. They had a real desire to be a part of Korean society. According to Kimura, the placement of the ㄱ (g) and ㅗ (o) in the design were chosen based on when you first learn a new language and make your own composition of letters. The placement of ㄱ (g) and ㅗ (o) looked a bit out of place, which is maybe how Koreans first viewed adoptees and how adoptees felt first returning to Korea.

While the original logo focused on adoptees not fitting into Korean society, we hope this new logo can represent adoptees’ specific place within Korea’s history, and Korea’s specific place within our own personal histories. There will always be a part of Korea within us. No matter how big or small we decide to make it a part of our own identity, it is always there.

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