Birth Family Search Outline of Steps

G.O.A.'L Birth Family Search (BFS) Department

Since G.O.A.'L was founded in 1998, the cornerstone of our services offered to adoptees has been assistance and support with birth family search. The G.O.A.'L Birth Family Search (BFS) Department is run by the BFS mentors, coordinators, and a network of volunteer translators and interpreters.

Birth Family Search Process

The Birth Family Search process varies greatly; there are many different possible outcomes and many different paths to these outcomes. The following steps listed are a general outline of the process, however the process is highly dependent on each individual case. G.O.A.’L is here to help provide you with guidance and support during this entire process. It is advised to begin your search in your adoptive country and once you have completed the steps 1 and 2, it is highly recommended that you come to Korea to complete the other steps. Your options greatly increase while you are physically in Korea because the resources are more readily available and the personal relationship with people will also be a valuable asset in your search and most times will work in your favor.

  • Step 1: Make the decision to search
  • Step 2: Contact your adoption agency in your adoptive country and request a file review / copies of your file
  • Step 3-1: Contact your adoption agency in Korea and request a file review / copies of your file
  • Step 3-2: [Private adoption(non-agency)] Collect copies of your file and any available information from your adoptive parents / family
  • Step 4: Review all information and decide on the next steps. Possible birth family search paths include but are not limited to these options:
    Conduct a direct birth family search (adoption agency, G.O.A.'L, police) Visit relevant sites to your birth search, such as address you were found, orphanage, hospital, police station, etc. Utilize Korean media / press
  • Step 5: Complete a DNA test (This test is not associated with any other organization's DNA initiatives)
  • Step 6: (After confirming a DNA match) Reunion
  • Step 7: Post Reunion Services (letter/message translation, interpreters for reunions, etc)

When you have your adoption documents and records for us to review, please e-mail the G.O.A.'L Birth Family Search(BFS) Department and provide details of your past search efforts (if any), and a brief summary of the information you have in your files. BFS Team will direct you to G.O.A.'L website where you can make your own account and upload your documents for the Team to review. 

G.O.A.'L is a non-profit organization(NPO) and strongly advocates for free assistance and support with regard to birth family search for all adoptees. But unfortunately our funds and manpower are very limited and the G.O.A.'L office has in fact been closed down in the past due to financial difficulties. 
Therefore, although we do not charge fees for separate services involved in the BFS process, we ask that you become a paid member with annual membership fee so that we can continue to exist and assist the adoptee community with our services.
Please kindly support G.O.A.'L and let us help more adoptees with better service by registering as a member.

Contact the Birth Family Search Department : [email protected]