2016 G.O.A.'L. Night Skiing Trip at Phoenix Park

2016 G.O.A.'L. Night Skiing Trip at Phoenix Park

I wanted to organize a group skiing trip for adoptees who had never been skiing in Korea. I also thought it would be fun to do night skiing since the slopes would be less crowded. We booked the Ski/bus package for 10 people through the Phoenix Park website but it was all in Korean. The bus picked us up in Sinchon promptly at 6:40 and left right away.  We all got seats and most of us slept for the 2 1/2 hour ride to the resort.

Once we got to the resort we went in the main lodge. It was 9:10 so we had to wait until 9:30 until we could get our tickets.  I had to wait in line at the ticketing booth and once I was up they scanned the tickets that were downloaded on to my phone.  I received 10 cards, one for each person. Each of us put our cards in our jacket pocket so they could be read by the scanner right before the lift.

We proceeded to get our Ski equipment and Ski clothes.  Once in the main lodge on the first floor on the left we filled out a small form which would be used to get our ski equipment.  We had to fill out our height, weight, shoe size in cm, and how tight we wanted the bindings to be.  Once we filled out the cards we had to give an ID and were given a stub to receive it later. Next we got our skis, boots, and poles. 

After getting out ski equipment we walked over to the ski clothes rental place where they also sold goggles, gloves and other items that you may need while out on the slopes.  We showed them our cards that said 의류 (clothing) on them so we could get our gear. Then we suited up and headed out for a night of fun!   

It was a good surprise for the group to see the layout of a nice Korean ski resort. Some people in the group had high expectations, since we had a Sweden ski instructor with us along with some other good skiers from US, Norway, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, France and also Korea. The slopes were well lit to ensure good visibility and no accidents. Since there were not too many people there, it did not take too, long to queue to take the lift. Even if the ski resort usually provides 17 open trails, 5 were opened during the night to satisfy beginners, intermediates and experts.



Thanks to our Swedish ski instructors tips and advice the intermediate group quickly found their mark and were able to make progress on their own. The more advanced group took pleasure to try the expert slopes. With good snow quality and better than average temperatures for this time of year, it was really convenient to ski for a few hours.



At 1am we made a break to rest a little bit and also to share some snacks. The convenience store was open in the lodge where people could get ramen and kimbab.  Also some outside stalls were opened to buy some Korean comfort food. After the break, the group split up and the brave skiers continued to have fun on the slope until 4am.





The other group stayed inside the lodge to rest and warm up. Returning the equipment to the ski resort was also convenient and quick. We had no problem taking the bus that brought us back to Sinchon in Seoul. The group was tired and slept on the bus the whole way back. All the participants really enjoyed this night ski trip, first event of the year for GOAL. See you soon!

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