New BFS Mentor Introduction

New BFS Mentor Introduction

Hello everybody, Bonjour ^^,

My name is Alexandra and I’m a French Korean adoptee. I’m very happy to have recently joined G.O.A.’L especially the Birth Family Search team. I will do my best to help people on this journey. Some words to introduce myself: I arrived last summer in Korea and I’m currently studying Korean while I’m working for G.O.A.’L.


My role is to answer Korean adoptees’ questions about and  to help with the process of searching for birth family. First, the adoptee should upload all of their documents to their profile on the G.O.A.’L website. Following this step, we can then assess what we can do with the existing information. Every case is different. For example, sometimes we can call orphanages or hospitals to try to get more information. In other situations, we might also work with the police to try and locate the family.

If these steps don’t yield any results, another option is to contact the Korean media.

Daily activities mainly consist of answering inquiries from Korean adoptees by email, translating from French to English or vice versa. I also design things like posters and logos. All the staff are also active in organizing some great events for the year such as ski trip that we just had.

We also receive some visitors in our office from time to time; people ask questions about the BFS process or Korean culture to better understand how Korean people behave or what birth family members' expectations are. Sometimes, we even receive some small presents like these French chocolates!

We also have meetings to advocate for adoptees’ rights. G.O.A.’L is working to try to modify the Special Adoption Law to help Korean adoptees have better access to their own adoption information and be able to search in a more effective way.

For the BFS team, I’m working with Devin and Sylvia. I’m often contacting Jasmine, who manages the volunteers as soon as a Korean adoptee needs an interpreter to communicate with their birth family or if they want to visit their orphanage.

2016 will be an exciting year for me and I’m very proud to work with these talented people.

See you soon!  

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