Adoptees of Korea

It took me 24 years to meet another Korean adoptee (who wasn’t my brother) and for me, it was somewhat of a turning point for my adoptee identity. While I was able to talk about feelings and experiences I had never really been able to share with others, I also began to question my own identity as an adoptee. Once I started to hear and listen to what others' experiences and feelings were like, I saw the similarities and the differences that made each person unique. While we could all share the commonality that we were all adopted from Korea, the way we internalize and understand our own adoption is different from person to person. I began to feel closer to a community that was once foreign to me. I was also challenged to think about my own adoption and identity as a Korean adoptee. 


So I wanted to start this blog series that would allow adoptees from around the world to share their experiences, their thoughts, and their stories. From growing up/childhood to experiences in Korea as an adoptee to birth family search/reunion and finally to what it means to be a Korean adoptee. My hope for this series is to provide adoptees the opportunity to share their own perspectives that connect our adoptee community, but also allow for those outside the community to understand and get a glimpse of our unique experiences.


We want to hear stories from the perspectives of all Korean adoptees from all different backgrounds. Stories can be as detailed or as personal as you want to share. The questions provided can help you get ideas, but also feel free to write and share whatever you like. Multiple stories can be submitted! 


Send your stories and photos to [email protected]
Please include your given name and Korean name (if you have one), where you were adopted to, your current city of residence, and a photo of yourself.


Adopted to:
Current residence:
Ideas to Write About:


1. What was it like growing up as an adoptee?

  • ​Do you have adopted siblings?

  • Were you exposed to Korean culture?

  • Did you know other adoptees?

  • Did you feel different growing up?

2. What is your experience living in Korea as an adoptee?

  • Why did you decide to move to Korea?

  • What is your biggest struggle?

  • What have you learned?

  • What do you like about living in Korea? What do you not like?

3. What was your first trip to Korea like?

  • How did it feel?

  • What did you do when you visited?

  • Was it what you expected? How was it different?

  • What did you struggle with?

  • What did you learn?

4. What does being a Korean adoptee mean to you?


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