Services will be limited during August 2017

Services will be limited during August 2017

Services will be limited during August 2017 due to First Trip Home.

This especially applies to new birth family search requests and volunteer requests.

New requests for birth family search will not be processed until September 5th, 2017.

Volunteer requests will be processed given the request has been received no later than August 8th. Requests for volunteers for the period of August 24th to the 31st cannot be accommodated.

Urgent F4 visa assistance will be processed until August 17th given the request has been received no later than August 10th.

We will respond to inquiries and requests about scholarships for schools both inside and outside of Seoul for the Fall and Winter term.

The office will be closed from August 21st to September 4th inclusive. Emails received during this period will be answered as soon as possible.

We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

Have a great summer,

The G.O.A.’L Staff

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Outreach Trip: Daegu & Busan

Outreach Trip: Daegu & Busan

On July 15, 2017 Nathan (Community Mentor) and AK (Secretary-General) visited Daegu and Busan for an outreach trip to adoptees living in and around those cities. The objective was to meet the adoptees living in those areas and also learn what services are needed or wanted for those adoptees.


After arriving in Daegu around lunch time, the G.O.A.’L staff met with two adoptees living in the area for a meal at 새마을식당 (New Village Restaurant) near East Daegu station (동대구역). We enjoyed barbecue, kimchi jjigae, and other dishes! We followed lunch with a discussion down the street at Dunkin Donuts. It was a pleasure meeting the local adoptees and spending time together!


The next stop was Busan where we met at Busan station and had our discussion at a local Angel-in-us coffee shop. For dinner, in addition to the adoptees, we met a former employee of G.O.A.’L and a staff member from the office of our auditor. We ate at a local Chinese restaurant (홍성방) and enjoyed dumplings, japchae, and other dishes. Thank you very much for meeting us and learning more about G.O.A.’L!




Special thanks to our auditor, Kihyun Park, for the dinner in Busan and Korea Adoption Services for funding the trip!


G.O.A.’L as an organization has the objective of expanding services beyond Seoul as we are aware there are many adoptees that live in other towns and cities throughout Korea.
We currently offer 100% discount scholarships for tuition to many schools throughout Korea, outside of Seoul. You can find more information here:
<Facebook note>


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Grief after being Exposed to Suicide

Grief after being Exposed to Suicide

In regards to recent events in the adoptee community - our mental health partner, You&Me Psychological & Consultation Services (YPCS), has created a document about grief after being exposed to suicide.

You can view the document <<<here>>>

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