2012 First Trip Home - Application Announcement


As the Director of Programs, I am pleased to announce this year’s 2012 First Trip Home.


Since 2008, the Global Overseas Adoptees’ Link (G.O.A.'L)  First Trip Home has aimed to reunite adoptees with their birth families and provide a unique experience for the participants. First Trip Home is intended for adoptees that have not previously returned to Korea, and would like to do so in order to conduct a birth family search.  Rather than a typical tour of Korea, our First Trip Home is centered around birth family search and reunion.

This year's First Trip Home has been extended to 10 days rather than the usual 5 days; to include a culture tour to Jeju-do.  Jeju-do is the island south of the peninsula and the home of Mount Halla, the highest mountain in South Korea.  

This year’s program will take place Thursday September 13, 2012 to Saturday September 22, 2012.

Participants will receive lodging, partial meal coverage, airfare reimbursement**. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit their adoption agency and other relevant places to birth family search. In the case that a birth family is not located, participants will have the possibility of appearing on KBS or YTN to expose their story to the Korean public.

Tentative Itinerary: (The finalized itinerary will be released after participant selection)

Day 1:  Check-in, Registration, Orientation, Opening Ceremony

Day 2-4: Jeju-do Trip

Day 5-10:  Birth Family Search, cultural activities, free time and Closing Ceremony

**Travel reimbursement is up to 500,000 Korean Won (reimbursement will be paid in Korean Won and will be calculated based on the day you purchase your airfare to your local currency).  Reimbursement is available in the order of application. You will be reimbursed 50% upon arrival, and 50% upon departure.  

Multi-destination itineraries are not eligible for reimbursement (a transient lay-over of less than 10 hours is not considered multi-destination).

To apply, please visit our online application: G.O.A.’L 2012 FIRST TRIP HOME APPLICATION
*Please note, email address is required to confirm your registration and application

Our Selection Criteria is based upon the following:
1) Never returned to Korea since adoption;
2) Availability of birth family search information;

*selection process is NOT determined by when application is submitted.

Paris/Copenhagen/Geneva/Stockholm/Rome: June 30, 2012, 4:59 PM
Los Angeles, June 30, 2012, 7:59 AM
New York, June 30, 2012, 10:59 AM


If you have further questions please contact me at korea2012@goal.or.kr


Oh Myeong Seok
Director, Programs

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2012년 6월 9일 토요일 오후 3시 봉사자 오리엔테이션

   안녕하세요. (사)해외입양인연대 자원봉사자 코디네이터 이동주입니다.
   먼저, 지난 5월에 공지된 자원봉사자 멤버쉽 제도 시행과 관련하여 혼란을 드려 죄송합니다. 사전 설명이 충분치 않은 상태에서 자원봉사자 멤버쉽 전환에 대한 공지가 이루어져 여러 오해의 소지가 있었던 것 같습니다. 이 부분에 대해서는 지속적인 공지와 모임들을 통해 개선 및 발전시켜나가도 하겠습니다.
   (사)해외입양인연대는 2012년 자원봉사자 대상 프로그램의 시작으로 오는 6월 9일(토) 아래와 같이 오리엔테이션을 개최하고자 합니다. 이번 오리엔테이션은 (사)해외입양인연대의 신규 및 기존 자원봉사자분들은 물론, 입양인에 대해 관심이 있는 분이라면 누구든지 가능하므로, 앞으로의 활동에 대한 많은 정보도 얻고, 다른 자원봉사자들과 서로 얼굴도 익히고 인사나눌 수 있는 자리가 될 것입니다.
   특히, 여러분들이 궁금해하시는 자원봉사자 멤버쉽 제도 시행 배경 및 멤버쉽 활용에 대한 별도의 시간도 마련되어 있으니, 많은 분들이 참석하시어, 많은 의견을 공유할 수 있는 시간이 되었으면 합니다.
   보다 자세한 사항은 아래 내용을 참고해주시고, 더 궁금한 사항이 있으시면 담당자(이동주 volunteer@goal.or.kr, 070-7835-7881)에게 문의하시면 됩니다. 바쁘시더라도, 많은 분들의 적극적인 참여 부탁 드립니다.

《 (사)해외입양인연대 자원봉사자 오리엔테이션 》

■ 일 시: 2012년 6월 9일 토요일 오후 3시~5시

■ 장 소: (사)해외입양인연대(G.O.A.’L) 사무실 (2호선 홍대입구역 9번 출구/6호선 상수역 1번 출구 도보 10~15분, 약도 참조: http://goal.or.kr/contact)

■ 일 정 - 3:00 ~ 4:00 (사)해외입양인연대 소개 및 입양인에 대하여 (사무차장 Jessica Boling(미국 입양인) *영어 진행)

            - 4:00 ~ 4:30 자원봉사자 멤버쉽(시행 배경, 참여 프로그램 안내 등)

            - 4:30 ~ 5:00 질의 및 응답

■ 참가신청: volunteer@goal.or.kr 또는 070-7835-7881

                  6월 5일까지 참석/불참석 여부를 꼭 알려주세요!!!

* 소박한 다과를 곁들어 여러분들과 편안하게 이야기 나누고자 마련한 자리입니다. ‘혼자라서’, ‘뻘쭘해서’, ‘어색해서’, ‘낯설어서’ 라는 마음은 모두 떨쳐두고, 설레는 마음으로 찾아주시면 감사하겠습니다.

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First Trip Home Dates Announcement

First Trip Home Dates Announcement


As an American adoptee, who recently returned to Korea, I am humbled by the opportunity to represent and lead such a dynamic community. When I arrived to Korea, I discovered a supportive community amongst fellow adoptees that allowed me to explore and embrace my identity as a Korean Adoptee.

Shortly after arriving, I began to volunteer at G.O.A.'L in the Birth Family Search Department and familiarize myself with the organization.
I am grateful to this community and for the all the hard work and achievements G.O.A.’L has accomplished over the last 14 years for our community. I am very excited to join and contribute to such a dedicated team.
I studied International Social Work with a focus on nonprofit management, community organizing and policy. I look forward to combining my skills with our talented staff.

Looking forward, G.O.A.’L has secured funding through the end of the year and will continue to provide the following services:

Birth Family Search
Post Reunion Discussions
First Trip Home
Assistance acquiring F-4 VISA and Dual citizenship
Translation Services (Korean, English and French)
Community Events and Outreach

Our current staff will use the transition period until the end of the year to update our archives and formalize workflows so we can work more efficiently. This will enable us to better serve our community and to focus on the current needs within the adoptee community.

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we move forward.

Finally, I am pleased to announce the dates of our 5th annual 2012 First Trip Home:

Thursday, September 13th - Friday, September 21st 2012

First Trip Home is a program for adoptees who seek to be reunited with their birth families, but who have not returned to Korea since their adoption. Since its inception, First Trip Home has assisted 127 adoptees through their birth family search process, 62 of whom have successfully found their Korean birth families.

Further program details and online application will be available on our website by the end of next week.
The application deadline is June 30th 2012 and participants will be informed on July 6th 2012.

Best Regards,

Jessica J. Boling (정보미), MSW
Vice Secretary General

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