Board of Directors

Current Board Members

Mr. Jin Park, Chairman
Grand National Party, former member of Korean National Assembly

Mr. Jae-hoon Yoo
DG, Senior Advisor to the President  for country dialogue

Mrs. Choon-hong Hwang
CEO, DowGene DNA Testing Company

Mr. Kichul Chang
CEO, LNA Consulting

Mr. Dae-Won Kim
Former Secretary General, G.O.A.'L

Mr. Yeon-Cheon Oh
President, Ulsan University

Mr. Philippe Li
Lawyer, Kim & Chang

Ms. Kyung Jin Kim
Attorney, Namsan Lawyers

Mr. Jong Woo Kim
CEO and President Food & Drugs Network 


Ki Hyun Park 

Board member of Ernst & Young Korea

Former Board Members

Mr. Choong-Hwan Kim
Democratic Party, former member of Korean National Assembly

Mr. Sung-Gon Kim
Democratic Party, Korean National Assembly

Mr. Myeong-Shik Oh
Vice Chairman, Samjeong KPMG

Mrs. Sung-Eun Lee
President, SEL Interior Design

Mr. Jong-Moon Choi
President, Paradise Travel and Leisure

Mr. Kyeong-Hoon Lee
Lead Counsel, Lim Law Firm

Mr. Kyu-Hyung Noh, Ph.D.
President/CEO, Research and Research, Inc.