2013 G.O.A.'L Memberships

This Dec contribution page for signing up 2013 memberships is being created in order to seed the continued success of the only adoptee-led ngo in S.Korea that represents adoptee perspectives on issues that matter to us.
Goal ₩ 2,000.00
100% towards our goal
₩ 80,270.00 raised
Giving money is one thing, and communicating support for G.O.A.'L's significance by building up membership is just as crucial. And if you select --Show my contribution in the public honor roll You will also be able to send in your public statement of what membership to G.O.A.'L means to you. "I am signing up to be a 2013 member of G.O.A.'L because..." ***The ticker isn't working yet, but don't worry! Every member counts!