G.O.A.’L Office Address
(WeWork Euljiro) 13th Floor, 343 Samil-daero, Jeodong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul 
(위워크 을지로) 13층, 서울특별시 중구 저동1가 삼일대로343

How to get to the office: The GOA'L office is located inside the Daishin Finance Center building. Just outside the building, there is a giant "love" sign. After reaching the building, take the outside escalators up to the 2nd floor. Go through the revolving door and take the middle elevators (past Longbread on the left) up to the 16th floor*. Check in at the front desk, and the WeWork staff will let us know you've arrived. (Note: The elevators in the front of the building are separate and only go up to the 5th floor.)

*To call the elevator, type in 16 on one of the two keypads located by the elevator doors. After you type in 16, a number will pop up telling you which of the 4 elevators to take.

Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 10:00am - 6:00pm (Korean time GMT+9)

Phone & Fax Number
Main Office: +82-2-325-6585
Birth Family Search: +82-2-325-6522
Office Fax: +82-2-325-6570

Please contact the office in advance if you need to meet with a specific staff member, as most of the staff is part-time.

Contact email for Birth Family Search

[email protected]

Scholarship inquiries

[email protected]

F-4 Visa or Dual Citizenship Inquiries

[email protected]

Volunteer / Volunteer request Inquiries

[email protected]

Community / Settling in Korea Inquiries

[email protected]

General Inquiries for Secretary General

[email protected]

Satifaction Survey


Job Functions of the G.O.A.'L Staff

Secretary General
-Financial responsibility
-Human Resources
-Networking Program development

Office Manager
-Office administrative support
-Accounting/Book keeping

Birth family Search Assistant

-Birth family search through the police
-Assist birth families searching for their child
-DNA tests
-Media contact regarding birth family search cases
-Translations [Korean:English]

Birth Family Search Mentor(s)
-Consultations and birth family search case management
-Maintain and update birth family search cases
-Coordination with Volunteer department for birth family search cases
-Collaborate with birth family search cooridinator to complete birth family search processes (police search DNA collection, translations)

Community Mentor
-Point of contact for partners organizations
-Community Dinner Committee Liaison (2016-2017)
-Community outreach (information regarding transitioning to and living in Korea)
-Content Marketing
-Membership Inquiries
-Scholarship Applications

F4/Dual Citizenship Mentor
-Assistance regarding the F4 visa and dual citizenship application process
-Consultations about becoming a dual citizen or F4 visa holder

Volunteer Coordination Mentor
-Provides volunteers for: Active birth family searches, birth family reunions, visits to Immigration
 and District Offices for F4/Dual Citizenship, Translation (written) and interpretation (spoken) with birth family
-Volunteer recruitment and orientation meetings