Global Overseas Adoptees' Link 2014 Summer Issue Newsletter

Global Overseas Adoptees' Link wish everybody a "cool" summer. Beat the heat; stay cool and hydrated!

Potluck Picnic

Potluck Picnic reflections from our sponsors~

On May 31st, G.O.A.’L with the help of KoRoot, ASK, Coree Voyage and Hoyacooks were able to provide the 1st Annual Adoptee Potluck Picnic at the Han river park in Jamwon District of Seoul. We were able to get our sponsors to share their thoughts on the 1st Annual Adoptee Potluck Picnic. Please read their statements below!


“What better way to show community among adoptees than by coming together to share food at a potluck on a beautiful sunny afternoon? And what better way to show solidarity between adoptee organizations and allies than by co-hosting an event like this together? This simple expression of community resonated well with adoptees as we saw more than 70 adoptees, families of adoptees, supporters and allies come out to join this potluck event! It was a fantastic turnout and I hope we can keep this momentum going as we move forward through the rest of the year.

We’d like to thank ASK, Coree Voyage, HoyaCooks, and KoRoot for co-sponsoring this event. Special thanks to Bama for cooking such delicious southern food for the event and to everyone who came and shared food and drinks with us at the picnic. Without the individual efforts of everyone who came, this picnic wouldn’t have been the success that it was. It was a beautiful day and I look forward to hosting it with everyone again next year!”- Nikolaj Leschly

“It was a pleasure to take part in the first annual adoptee picnic at the park! We were happy to see folks from different areas and organizations coming out to spend their Saturday afternoon catching up with old friends and getting to know new people. We strive towards developing relationships and building up our adoptee communities here in Korea, and this event was one step in that direction. Thank you to everyone who joined and helped organized this event!”-Andrea Cavicchi

“I was very happy to sponsor the first potluck picnic for adoptees. It was a really great time for me as well. I hope GOA’L and the other sponsors continue to do this event and continue to help the adoptee community. Thank you for giving us this chance”- Hoya Lee

“KoRoot would like to express its sincere gratitude to G.O.A.'L, ASK, Hoya Cooks, and Coree Voyage for the invitation to co-sponsor the first annual adoptee potluck picnic. KoRoot is an allied organization that strives to support individual and organizational adoptee gatherings. It was a privilege to collaborate with G.O.A.'L, ASK, Hoya Cooks, and Coree Voyage to host a community event initiated by adoptee leadership for adoptees and their families. Our guests and staff expressed enthusiasm for the first annual adoptee potluck picnic, and look forward to future community events that strengthen adoptee society.”-Laura Klunder

Coree Voyage-
“Attending the GOA’L adoptees activities are always a pleasure for anyone close enough to the adoptees community. This was the reason why we decided to go to this picnic organized near the Hangang river on a sunny afternoon. Along with some French people, I was happy to meet old chaps and new faces.
The main interest in this kind of event is to not only meet people, eat delicious food and drinks, but it's also a great occasion to give more strength and value to the relations between each member of the adoptees community. It pushes us to evolve and improve the knowledge we have about ourselves. Talking to different people with different languages, cultures, personal stories and backgrounds provides a wider picture on adoption.
GOA’L provides this gravity center that anyone can rely on. Independence and long-term development make it a major actor in the adoptees world. We invite anyone who feels the need to engage themselves in a socially responsible organization to do as we do: to support it.”- Pierre Fraineu

KAAN 2014

G.O.A.'L at KAAN

G.O.A.’L Vice Secretary General John Compton and Mental Health Resources Program Coordinator Mee Joo Kim presented two sessions at the 16th Annual Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network (KAAN) Conference on The Time is Now. The conference was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the U.S. from June 27 – 29. John and Mee Joo also met with past and future attendees from G.O.A.’L’s First Trip Home (FTH). Former FTH participants also spoke on a panel on their FTH and birth family search experiences.

Keynote speaker Sarah Park Dahlen kicked off the conference with startling facts on the depiction of adoption in children’s literature. Nearly all children’s books on this subject are written by adoptive parents and non-adopted persons. Dahlen encouraged and challenged the audience, adoptees in particular, to change this reality so that more children’s literature contains adoptee voices representing an adoption experience.

G.O.A.’L’s first session, “What’s Happening With G.O.A.’L,” explained the organization’s general services. Attendees actively shared their experiences and asked questions to create a more intimate and personal presentation. Most questions were related to the birth family search process.

The second session, “Legal Issues for Adoptees in Korea,” explored the basics of F-4 Visa and dual citizenship, and ongoing issues with deported and incarcerated adoptees living in Korea. Clarification on family registries, dual citizenship and deportation issues dominated the attendees’ interest. Some of the attendees were active in petitioning for changes to the U.S. laws that have allowed the deportation of adoptees. The U.S. is the only country that did not grant children automatic citizenship until the Child Citizenship Act was passed in 2000; it is currently not retroactive. A petition to change this was submitted to the U.S. Congress, but it has thus far been unsuccessful.
Attendees at both sessions included adoptive parents and adult and teenage adoptees.
Next year’s KAAN Conference will be held in St. Louis, Missouri in the U.S. For more information on KAAN, including a list of this year’s conference topics and speaker bios, please visit their website:

First Trip Home

G.O.A.'L 2014 First Trip Home

Our office will be closed during our annual FTH ~ August 27th to September 5th, 2014. Our office will also be closed during the Chuseok week, September 8th to September 12th and will reopen Monday, September 15th.

This year, we have invited 20 adoptees from 9 countries (Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA) ranging from 29 to 52 years old. We are focusing on adoptees born before 1972 as these individuals chances of locating birth family members decreases.

This years culture trip will take place in Gyeongju City.