Global Overseas Adoptees' Link 2014 Summer Issue Newsletter

Global Overseas Adoptees' Link wish everybody a "cool" summer. Beat the heat; stay cool and hydrated!

Language Scholarship

Spring Term 2014

As part of one of our services provided at G.O.A.’L, we offer Korean language scholarships to various Korean universities for adoptees seeking to study Korean within Seoul. One of our former mentor, AK Salling is currently studying Korean language at one of the universities in Seoul.
"I received a scholarship through G.O.A.’L for the Spring semester at Sogang University.
I am currently studying at level 3 for the morning class, Monday through Friday. My class consists of about 14 students from mainly other Asian countries, as well as, the United States and myself.
I like the variety of teachers and most of them are friendly and helpful. They speak slowly compared to regular Koreans and they attempt to engage the students with activities during class.
The teaching materials are also ok. We use a textbook, workbook, writing book and a small booklet that explains the grammar and new vocabulary words for each chapter. Compared to Ewha where I did level 2, Sogang doesn’t take account of your homework in your attendance average and the grammar is almost the same as I covered at Ewha level 2. However, I have learned to speak Korean more freely from studying at Sogang University.
I have also taken evening classes at Sogang which is better than not taking any classes if you are busy. However, the classes are very short (about 1.5 hours, three times a week) and there is almost no writing section.”


BoA Guesthouse

BoA Guesthouse ( is now offering G.O.A.’L members a discount based upon the amount of nights you stay at their facility. The discount is as follows:

5% 1~6 nights
10% 7~ 13 nights
15% 14~30 nights
20% over 1 month

When making the reservation online, in the remarks, indicate that you are a G.O.A.’L member. If you do not indicate this during the reservation, BoA Guesthouse reserves the right not to apply the member discount upon arrival.

F-4 Visa

We have updated our website with information regarding the renewal of your F-4 visa. The renewal process may seem a bit complicated. There are different requirements when renewing your F-4 visa for the FIRST TIME and for each subsequent renewal.

1st Renewal: You will need your F-4 visa ID, Family Registry Document (less than 6 months old), Passport, COPY OF YOUR CURRENT LEASE or RENTAL AGREEMENT, 60,000 won.

2nd & Subsequent Renewal: You will need your F-4 visa ID, Passport, Lease/Rental Agreement, 60,000 won.

*NOTE* The Immigration Officer may request additional documents or omit certain documents at their discretion.
Please visit our website for full information.

F-4 Visa (First Application) | F-4 Visa (Renewal)