Individual 1:1 Counseling for G.O.A.’L Members
2015 sessions available!
People often face challenges in life which they are unsure how to handle. During
these times a professional opinion to help you through situations and
develop a strategy may be just what you need.
G.O.A.’L and the International Family Counseling Center (IFCC) encourage adult
adoptees to receive support in their situational or ongoing psychological difficulties.
Common concerns include:
alcoholism, depression, anxiety, grief, relationships, abuse, self harm, navigating identity
There is no need to travel every road alone.
Limit: 10 G.O.A.’L Members, first come, first serve basis
Cost: 10 [email protected],000/session*
Check your G.O.A.’L account online to verify if your membership is current
(*Non-paid member rates range between 100,000-140,000/session)
Location: 5 minutes from Icheon Station (Line 4)
Please contact IFCC directly to schedule an appointment.
For more information, please visit the G.O.A.’L website, or
contact IFCC at [email protected] or G.O.A.’L at [email protected].