About G.O.A.'L

History & Mission

Since the 1950's, nearly 200,000 Korean children have been sent overseas for adoption. In recent years, adult adoptees have started to return to Korea in increasingly large numbers to search for their Korean birth families, seek connection to Korean identity, and learn about the language and culture. Many simply want to work and live in the country of their birth. While many adoptees make this journey successfully, most still experience challenges and barriers while trying to navigate through Korean society.

Global Overseas Adoptees' Link was founded in 1998 by overseas Korean adoptees who returned to Korea. It soon became and remains the only adoptee-led non-profit and NGO in Korea. The following year, twelve adoptees gathered in Seoul for the first ever formal meeting. The year 1999 brought about the first G.O.A.'L conference, which continues on today.

Today, hundreds of adoptees visit and live in Korea. As an adoptee-led organization, our mission first and foremost is to serve the Korean adoptee community both here and abroad.

The mission of the Global Overseas Adoptees’ Link (GOA’L) organization is to act as a ‘link’ between adult adoptees and their native country by providing services and resources to its members, creating partnerships and collaborating with governmental and nongovernmental organizations while serving the local and greater communities.

Objectives 1. Promote the native home country’s language and cultural heritage. 2. Provide necessary services and resources to adult adoptees, birth family members and adoptive family members. 3. Enhance the adult adoptee experience. 4. Protect the rights and interests of adoptees.