The primary goal of the Birth Family Search Directory is to raise awareness about international adoption among the Korean public and more specifically to target birth families searching for their children. The BFS Directory - which will be published exclusively in Korean - will contain profiles of adoptees who want to make themselves known to their birth families. This year we will also include letters written by the adoptees to their birth families. The BFS Directory will be sent out to district offices, police stations, and other government/public agencies in Korea.  

A February 2007 interview on YTN news channel’s “Global Korean” program first introduced the search directory book to the Korean public.  Nationwide distribution began the same month through May with deliveries to major public offices around the South Korean peninsula and to all congress members at the Korean National Assembly.  The book serves as a major component to the Birth Family Search Campaign launched by G.O.A.’L in Korea during 2007 to raise awareness about international adoption, adoptees returning to Korea and the continued need for families to connect with each other.  Additionally, through the use and promotion of two G.O.A.’L online databases - one featuring adoptees and one for Korean birth family members, the BFS Campaign, and regular use of the Korean media - G.O.A.’L will further efforts to raise awareness while encouraging birth families to come forward and meet their once adopted children while informing all citizens how they can help in this effort. 

As of May 31, 2007, of the 160 featured adoptees, four (4) have been successfully reunited with their Korean birth families.  Along with use of the book, G.O.A.’L’s ever strengthening relationships with the Korean media and an increase in public awareness over the past few years is having a significant impact on advancing the organization’s abilities to locate missing family members and reunite them. G.O.A.’L published second and third editions of the BFS Directory in 2008 with continued support from MOHW.


2010 BFS Directory

Front and Back Covers

Table of Contents

Section 01: Background information

Section 02: 1950 - 1979

Section 02 (cont'd): 1975 -1989

Section 03: Letters from an adoptee and a birth parent


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