G.O.A.'L Resource Library

G.O.A.'L has many book and resources and we wanted to make these available for borrowing by our members.

Resource List: CLICK HERE

To borrow:
1. Browse the list above and choose a resource.
2. Contact G.O.A.'L to confirm its availability.
3. Receive confirmation from G.O.A.'L and visit the office during business hours to pick-up your resource. Transfer a refundable deposit of KRW 10,000 to G.O.A.'L or bring the deposit to G.O.A.'L after receiving confirmation.
4. G.O.A.'L will make a copy of your ID/contact information so we know who has what resource.
5. The initial period for borrowing will be 1 month from date of pick-up. 
6. Your deposit will be refunded upon returning the resource.
7. If the resource is not returned within the 1 month period, the deposit will not be refunded.