How to donate

Contribute to G.O.A.'L!

G.O.A.'L depends on our members and your support. Our staff, Adoptee and Korean, is funded by you to make sure they always have your best interests in mind - no matter if you're in Korea or abroad!
We need your membership to continue and improve our core services that are crucial to all adoptees, whether you're living in or returning to Korea.

You can contribute to G.O.A.'L in several ways:

1. By becoming a member, annual membership fee paid through PayPal.

2. By wiring money directly to our Korean bank account.

3. By donating any amount through PayPal or in person.

PayPal Account [email protected]


Korean Bank Information for Overseas Wire Transfers

Bank Name

Kookmin Bank

345-9 Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu

Seoul Republic of Korea  121-837

Tel.: 82-2-335-1948

Account Number 375301-04-000710
Beneficiary Name GOAL


Domestic Transfer (Make a donation)

If you are in Korea and have a Korean bank account, you may make a donation
with online banking or at any ATM.
Bank Name Kookmin Bank (국민은행)
Account Number 375301-04-000710
Account Name (사) 해외입양인연대