Individual Therapy for G.O.A.'L Members

This information is valid for 2012 only!

We have received funding for individual therapy for our members, 16 persons can go - each person can go for 10 sessions. You only have to pay the VAT (value added tax, 16,500 won per session), the rest is covered (a session normally costs 165,000 + VAT).


This service is provided on a first come first serve basis over the next several months, however, you are required to begin your sessions before the end of the year.

We are using the services of Adaptable Human Solutions located in Gongdeok. They speak English and are a Western trained and licensed practice. Please visit their website for more details about their services and mental health providers.

How to access:

  1. Visit the AHS website and decide on a few therapists you would like to work with.
  2. Call AHS, say you’re a G.O.A.’L Member and would like to access the G.O.A.’L therapy cards and schedule an appointment.
    • 02-749-7915
  3. Attend your first session, receive your gift card with 10 sessions.
  4. Continue to book your remaining 9 sessions.


  1. These services are intended for G.O.A.’L paid members. Please visit our website to renew/register your membership at
  2. Members are responsible for the gift card they receive. They can’t be replaced if lost.
  3. Your card is for your personal use only, until you complete 10 sessions or forego the remaining sessions. You are not allowed to share your card with other people.
  4. Upon receiving these services, please do so with the intention of completing all ten session. If you decide to forego the full ten sessions please return your card to AHS - other adoptees will then be able to use the remaining sessions.
  5. Therapy must start before the end of the year, preferably as soon as possible.

Assessment and Confidentiality
The distribution of cards and access to therapy has been designed to honor members’ confidentiality at all steps of the process. Members  will not need to come to the G.O.A.’L office or correspond with us directly if they do not wish to.

Access to therapy does not entail mandatory pre or post evaluation. This is completely optional.
If you find it doable given your situation, please take the time fill out the pre and post surveys online. The better qualitative and quantitative data we receive, the more qualified we can assess the success rate of our service and the more precisely we can improve funding as well as process in the future. This information will not be used for any outside reporting but our final report.  We always welcome emails and/or in person interviews on the need for these services and the evaluation of services.

If you have any additional questions, please direct them to AHS at [email protected] or G.O.A.’L at [email protected]


The G.O.A.’L Staff