Just a friendly reminder

Please remember that when transferring funds online in Korea, write your name in the memo field. This is the only way that we will know who the money is from. (Or you could just leave the field blank) 
This is particularly important when GOA'L members pay membership dues. If you write in something like, "Membership payment" or "GOA'L Member", or anything else besides your name, we will not know who the money is from and thus will not be able to properly complete the membership application process for that individual. 

One way to make sure your membership fee stays connected with your account is to log in to our website, visit our membership page and sign up for the automatic renewal payment option via Paypal. This option will not only ensure that your payment is identifiable, but it will also help to reduce administration in our office. 

While this is not a common problem, it does pop up from time to time. If you have recently sent us money and written something like that, please contact us at [email protected] 

Thank you!