Korean Adoptee Life - Activities for Families

Korean Adoptee Life - Activities for Families

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Many adoptees are returning to Korea with their families. As such, many have children and wish to find appropriate family friendly activities to do in Korea. Finding opportunities for their children to interact with native Korean children may be important too. There are a variety of activities where families can spend time together as well as activities where adoptees’ children can interact and meet other children. Below are some attractions and activities to enjoy while visiting Korea with your family. Some attractions and activities may have entry fees but many museums and parks are open to the public free of charge.


Korea has museums, aquariums, and zoos scattered around the country with many located in Seoul. The grid below has some examples. COEX aquarium is located in Seoul in the COEX mall and convention facility. Gwacheon is just south of Seoul and is accessible by Seoul’s subway system. Click the links below the photos for more information.


Seoul Children’s Museum


COEX Aquarium


Gwacheon National Science Museum


Alive Museum (N Seoul Tower)

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 5.47.40 PM.pngChildren’s Museum, The War Memorial of Korea

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 4.18.13 PM.png

Lotte Aquarium

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 4.29.53 PM.png

Aqua Planet 63 (아쿠아플라넷 63)



While there is no shortage of cafes in Korea, not all are convenient for families, especially those with young children. However, these days there are cafes being created specifically for parents/guardians to enjoy with their children. Many of these cafes have food, drinks, and activities that cater to children and the parents/guardians that accompany them.


Lilliput Kids Cafe has many activities for kids, admission is per child and they have multiple locations.


Petit5’s website says it’s a multi-store where Moms and kids can have an enjoyable time together - food, fashion, parties, learning, and playing. The cafe is located in HanNamDong (한남동).


Cat and dog cafes are also quite popular but they usually have age restrictions. More unique animal cafes include a cafe that has sheep as well as one that has raccoons! Click the links below the photos for more information.


Cat Cafe Example



Lilliput Kids Cafe (키즈카페 릴리펏) (MAP)

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.47.48 PM.png
Petit5 (쁘띠5)


Thanks Nature Cafe (Sheep)

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 12.58.20 PM.png


Blind Alley (Raccoon) Map Link

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 1.03.04 PM.png

Dog Cafe Example (Map)



While Seoul has a reputation for not having many outdoor spaces, contrary to popular belief, there are many areas to enjoy the outdoors in and around Seoul as well as all over Korea. Korea also has a few theme parks, the most famous ones being Lotte World and Everland. Water parks are also popular in Korea as well as outdoor public pools. There are also many hiking, camping, and biking areas all over Korea. The Korean National Park website is here.  Click the links below the photos for more information.


Lotte World


Han River Park

Korean Folk Village (한국민속촌)
Seoul_Forest.jpgSeoul Forest Dream_Forest.jpgDream Forest (북서울 꿈의 숲)


Seoul Children’s Grand Park


Seoul Grand Park




Water Parks in Korea


Korea has many different festivals and exhibitions throughout the year. Depending on when you are in Korea, you can enjoy festivals and celebrations not only in Seoul but in other areas of the country as well. Other festivals coincide with major national Korean holidays. Check the schedule of Korean holidays here. Click the links below the photos for more information on some of the festivals in Korea.

Yeon Deung Hoe (Lotus Lantern Festival) (연등회)
1607952_image2_1.jpgYeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival (영등포 여의도 봄꽃축제) 1993552_image2_1.jpg
Damyang Bamboo Festival (담양대나무축제)

I hope this post gives an idea of what you can enjoy with your family while in Korea.


Helpful Links


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Do you have more questions about activities to enjoy with your whole family while in Korea? Contact the G.O.A.’L Community Mentor!