Korean Language Study Scholarships - Seoul



Applicants must be a Korean adoptee -and- a G.O.A.'L member to be eligible for this scholarship

Things to Keep in Mind:

1. Applying for a scholarship through G.O.A.’L and applying for a spot in a university program are separate processes. Receiving a language scholarship through G.O.A.’L does not guarantee you a spot in the language program. Although G.O.A.’L administers the scholarships on behalf of the language schools, the schools do not necessarily reserve an equivalent number of spots for scholarship recipients. It is highly recommended that all scholarship applicants also apply for the language school of choice as soon as registration opens.

2. The scholarships are only applicable to the programs/terms listed below. They are not applicable to any short-term or specialized courses. The programs below are designed to be immersive and intensive. The schools expect you to preview class material beforehand, review class material after class, as well as complete homework. For further details about class format, please contact the schools directly.

3. The language schools may also request that G.O.A.’L send additional information or information on your behalf.

4. The applications are first-come-first-serve. Registration may close early if all spots fill-up prior to the registration deadline.

5. Scholarships are non-transferable. Please be aware of your availability, class schedules, personal finances, and other commitments BEFORE applying.



  • Adult Korean adoptee & current G.O.A.'L member
  • Resume/CV
  • Essay (essay question written on the application form)
  • Scan of your passport & F-4 visa (if applicable)
  • Copy of Diploma: High school or above (Ewha requires an English translation if your diploma is not in English)
  • University registration fee (Between KRW 60,000 ~ KRW 80,000 depending on the school)
  • Textbooks (Between KRW 39,000 ~ KRW 143,000 depending on the school)
  • Applications must be completed before the deadline per term. Late applications will not be accepted.

Application Deadlines 2019-2020

Spring 2020 Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Winter 2020
13 December 2019 6 March 2020 5 June 2020 23 August 2020

Click on the button to apply:



Scholarships cover part or all of the course tuition. Room and board are not covered unless specifically mentioned.

ALL documents must be submitted within 1 day of the online application deadline. F-4 visa applications must be completed prior to the first day of class. Incomplete applications will be cancelled and will require you to re-apply.


The scholarship recipients will be contacted within 5 business days after the application deadline via email.

G.O.A.’L reserves the right to make any final decision if applicant does not meet qualifications for eligibility. The scholarship recipient is responsible for obtaining a proper visa and making housing arrangements, if needed.


Each university has a mandatory registration fee, ranging from KRW 60,000 to KRW 80,000 plus textbook fees. These costs are not covered by the GOA'L scholarship and must be paid by the applicant.

NOTE: Language schools recommend their students to have the equivalent of USD 5000 [EUR ~4700, KRW ~5,700,000] to study for one term (~3 months). This is to cover the remaining tuition balance (if applicable), accomodation, textbooks and miscellaneous school supplies, as well as daily food, transportation, and leisure activities.

For more information about scholarships, please email the Community Manager at < [email protected] > or call the G.O.A.'L office (02-325-6585).

The most accurate and up-to-date information will be found on each school's individual website. The list below is provided for your convenience and should not be taken as final.
University Class Time Spring 2020 Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Winter 2019 Tuition
per quarter

Monday to Friday
9:00 ~ 13:00
200 hours per semester
Apr 2- Jun 12 Jun 20 - Aug 29 Oct 1 - Dec 11 Dec 17 - Feb 28, 2020
Tuition: 1,700,000 won
Discount: 30%
You pay: 1,190,000 won

*Discount is 30% off the tuition excluding the online course and application fees

Monday to Friday
9:00 ~ 13:00
200 hours per semester
Mar 12 ~ May 23 (Vacation: Apr 18-19, May 6) Jun 5 ~ Aug 22 (Vacation: Jun 6, July 29-Aug 2, Aug 15) Sep 9 ~ Nov 21 (Vacation: Sep 12-13, Oct 3, Oct 9) Dec 4 ~ Feb 21, 2020 (Vacation: Dec 25-Jan 1, Jan 24-27)
Tuition: 1,770,000 won (KGP200 ONLY).
Discount: 30% Tuition
You pay: 1,239,000 won

*Adoptees may receive the discounted tuition for a maximum of 2 terms

Monday to Friday
9:00 ~ 13:00
200 hours per semester
Mar 4 ~ May 10 Jun 3 ~ Aug 12  Sep 2 ~ Nov 14 Dec 2 ~ Feb 12, 2020 Tuition: 1,450,000 won Textbook included
Discount: 50% tuition
You pay: 725,000 won
Scholarship only available for full-time (200 hour) course

Monday to Friday

9:00 ~ 13:00
200 hours per semester

Mar 7 ~ May 17 Jun 10 ~ Aug 19 Sep 5 ~ Nov 20 Dec 5 ~ Feb 20, 2020
Tuition: 1,730,000 won
Discount: 30% tuition
You pay: 1,211,000 won

Monday to Friday
9:00 ~ 13:00
200 hours per semester


Mar 11 ~ May 21


Jun 13 ~ Aug 23


Sep 9 ~ Nov 22


Dec 9 ~ Feb 21, 2020

Tuition: 1,630,000 won
Discount: 50% tuition
You pay: 815,000 won
Monday to Friday (Lev.1 - Lev.4)
13:30 ~ 17:30
200 hours per semester
Tuition: 1,470,000 won
Discount: 50% tuition
You pay: 735,000 won

Monday to Friday
9:00 ~ 13:00
200 hours per semester
Mar 13 ~ May 22 Jun 12 ~ Aug 21 Sep 6 ~ Nov 20 Dec 13 ~ Feb 26, 2019
Tuition: 1,720,000 won
Discount: 30%
You pay: 1,204,000 won

G.O.A.'L Student Code of Conduct Agreement

This agreement is to ensure the student's commitment and responsibilities as a recipient of the G.O.A.'L Korean Language Scholarship and to ensure a good relationship with G.O.A.'L's current and future agreements with participating universities and institutions who provide the scholarships. By submitting your application you agree to the following:

  1. I understand that it is my responsibility to contact and communicate directly with the school.
  2. I will complete the semester program with at least 80% attendance.
  3. I will adhere to the rules and instructions of the teacher assigned and institute/university that I attend.
  4. I will notify forfeiture of scholarship to the G.O.A.’L office within 3 business days after receiving scholarship via phone or email.
  5. In case of emergency or illness, I will notify the school and instructor.
  6. I must submit a new application if I choose to apply for any subsequent language scholarships.
  7. I agree to an interview via Skype or another agreed upon interview method and to pay a 100,000 KRW deposit to G.O.A.’L, if awarded a full tuition (100%) scholarship. I understand that this deposit will be refunded after the successful completion of the semester for which I have applied.
  8. I understand that failure to complete the semester or adhere to this agreement forfeits my deposit if awarded a full tuition (100%) scholarship.
  9. I consent to having my grade disclosed to G.O.A.'L by the language institute, which will assist the ongoing efforts to improve the G.O.A.'L scholarship program.
  10. I will submit a short essay, if requested by G.O.A.'L, which may include, but is not limited to, my experience as a language scholarship recipient. This may be used for marketing and/or public relations purposes.