Member Benefits and Discounts

***New Discount***

Wework shared office spaces and meeting rooms. For further information please see or contact the Secretary General.

As a G.O.A.'L member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Birth Family Search Assistance & Post Reunion Services
Community Workshops (Reduced or Waived Fee)
Mental Health Support (Provided by You & Me Psychological and Consultation Services)
Cultural Learning, Cooking Classes and Culture Trips
Assistance Acquiring F-4 Visa & Dual Citizenship
Translation and Interpretation Services (Korean, English and French)
Community Events & Outreach
Korean Language Scholarships
DNA Testing
1-on-1 Korean Tutoring

You can also enjoy discounted services from the following:

We ask that you fill out this survey in order to verify your membership for the companies below.


30% discount on registration fees for regular classes and private classes


Membership has its benefits! JOIN TODAY!