New SG Statement


I am a 43-year-old female Korean adoptee from Denmark residing in Korea since 2013. From the moment, I moved here I have continuously been committed to serving the interests of the adoptee community in various ways.


My visions for the organization are ambitious and summed up to self-sustainability, seriousness and unifying.  My line of leadership will be proactive regarding seeking financial stability, influence and collaboration with NGOs and other partners.


We as overseas Korean adoptees are no longer dependant children - we are professional, educated adults, talented artists, researchers, professors and entrepreneurs -  in some cases parents or even grand parents.


We are a huge resource of knowhow and experiences connecting us and binding us together across countries and diverse backgrounds and this make us a strong, unique group able to accomplish shared goals together.


I look forward to being your Secretary General in the 2 years to come.

AK Salling