Our community is amazing!!

Wow, we are completely humbled and amazed at the generosity of our community. In just two days, we have nearly achieved our initial goal!! We are so grateful to those who donated and are reinvigorated to work even harder to support our fellow adoptees.

The fundraiser was originally set to stay open until May 13. Much like how crowdfunding is done on the popular sites gofundme or indiegogo, we have decided to keep our fundraiser going until May 13 with the hope that we can raise money to upgrade office items (some nearly a decade old!) along with other items. If you can contribute and want to help support our new office we would really appreciate it.
Initial Fundraiser items

  • Window Logos - 150,000 (Funded! Thank you!)
  • Heating / Air Conditioner Combo - 700,000 (Funded! Thank you!)
  • Heating / Air Conditioner Combo - 1,800,000 (4/16 - Funded! Thank you!)

Office Upgrades 

  • Window shades - 150,000  (4/16 - 73% funded! Almost there!)
  • New fax / scanner / printer combo - 160,000
  • Screens for five windows to keep flies out - ₩250,000
  • Legal fees to certify paperwork for the move - ₩400,000
  • Furniture for the office (Consultation table, shelves, new office chairs) - ₩800,000
  • Six new computer monitors - 1,800,000
  • Four new mini desk computers - 2,400,000
  • File server - 4,000,000

It has also been really great hearing words of support from the people who have donated. Thank you for your words of encouragement! It really helps to keep morale high in the office and let's us know that the work we do here is appreciated.

Please continue sharing this event with others who can contribute. See how much has been contributed here. Pictures of the funded items will be posted on our blog and social media to show what your awesomeness has helped us buy, so stay tuned!