June 13 Art Workshop with Karin Lim
June 2 G.O.A.'L. Re-brand announcement
May 28 Free Yoga Class
May 27 G.O.A.'L. COVID-19 Relief Fund announcement
May 21 General Q&A Session 2
May 20 General Q&A Session 1
May 6 G.O.A.'L. moves office to Doosan We've Pavilion
May 1 New Secretary General: Eirik Hagenes
April 25 Art Workshop with Karin Lim
February 15 Art Workshop with Karin Lim
February 8 Free Taco Night


December 17 Free Yoga Class
December 11 Fundraising Banquet
November 26 End-of-Year Adoptee Organization Info Session
September 28 6th Annual Inter-Organizational Adoptee Picnic
August 1 Human Library & Film Screening
July 29 Workshop: Healing Through Writing the Unsaid
June 25 June Open House
June 5 Adoptee Networking: Korean BBQ
May 30 General Meeting
April 20 Financial Lecture 1 by KFG
March 27 Adoptee Meetup at A La Tienne wine bar
March 23 Annual Soccer Tournament
February 20 February Open House
January 16 January Open House


December 19 Lecture Series: Korean-Japanese Relations
December 13 Lecture Series: Joseon and Colonial Korea
December 8 Casual Christmas Party
December 4 20th Anniversary Christmas Fundraiser
November 24 Financial Seminar 6 by KFG
November 19 November Open House
October 20 Financial Seminar 5 by KFG
October 20 Adoptee Meetup in Daejeon
October 17 October Open House
September 12 September Open House
August 19-29 11th First Trip Home
July 26 WeWork Seolleung Station Grand Opening
July 21 Financial Seminar 4 by KFG
July 9 July Open House
June 28 WeWork Seoul Station Grand Opening
June 23 Financial Seminar 3 by KFG
June 11-12 Adoptee Meetup in Daegu and Busan
June 9 Annual Inter-Organizational Picnic
May 30 Adoptee Meetup in Pyeongtaek
May 30 Community Get-Together
May 30 May Open House
May 19 Financial Seminar 2 by KFG
April 29 20th Anniversary Celebration
April 29 Annual General Meeting
April 28 Annual Soccer Tournament
April 21 Financial Seminar 1 by KFG
April 4 April Open House
February 7 February Open House


December 30 Ski Trip
December 9 Christmas Party
November 11 Escape Room Fundraiser
October 21 Culture Trip
August 21 10th First Trip Home
May 27 Picnic at the Han River
May 19 General Meeting
May 8 Office Relocation
January 1 AK Salling new Secretary General


December 10 Christmas Party
August-September 30-9 9th First Trip Home
August 13 Mentor Workshops
August 8 DIY Cooking Class: Summer Dumplings (편수) and grilled ribs (갈비구이)
August 8 Open House
July 30 Community Dinner #2
July 9 3rd Annual Poker Tournament Fundraiser
June 25 Sp.A.R.K
June 13 DIY Cooking Class: Braised Beef Short Ribs (갈비찜) and Cucumber Kimchi (오이소박이)
May 28 3rd Annual Adoptee Potluck Picnic at the Park
May 21-22 G.O.A.'L Culture Trip
April 16 Community Dinner #1
January 30 Winter Night Skiing and Snowboarding Trip


December 12 Christmas Party
December 10 Royal Cooking Academy Cooking Class
November 22 Korea Chamber Ensemble Salon Convert Fundraiser
November 21 BFS, F-4/Dual Citizenship Mentor Workshops
November 5 DIY Cooking Class
October 29 Special Adoption Law Revision Forum - National Assembly
October 24 Culture Trip
October 19 DIY Cooking Class
September 15-25 First Trip Home
August 23 DIY Cooking Class
August 8 2nd Annual Poker Tournament Fundraiser
July-August 31-2 Sp.A.R.K
July 19 DIY Cooking Class
July 12 DIY Cooking Class
May 30 Potluck Picnic at the Park
April 25 FC G.O.A.'L : ESWS Soccer Tournament - at Seoul Foreign School
March 5 Office Re-location from Hongdae to Mangwon-dong
January 22 Mayda Miller Unplugged


December 13 Christmas Party
November 8 G.O.A.'L Benefit Concert 'Harmony'
November 1 Book Reading with Maija Devine
October 7 DIY Cooking Class
September 16 DIY Cooking Class
August-September 27-6 First Trip Home
July 12 Poker Tournament Fundraiser
May 31 Potluck Picnic at the Park
May 17 Culture Trip
April 20 Share Your Talent - Movie Screening of 'Resilience'
April 19 Post Reunion Discussion
April 12 Baseball Game
April 12 FCC Art Therapy Workshop
April 10 DIY Cooking Class
March 29 Share Your Talent
March 22 Post Reunion Discussion
March 22 Tax Seminar - Filing Korean Taxes
March 15 Art Workshop
March 8 Ski/Snowboard Trip
March 4 DIY Cooking Class
February 22 Post Reunion Discussion
January 29 Lunar New Year's Dinner
January 25 New Year's Town Hall Meeting


December 14 15th Annual Christmas Fundraiser
December 7 2nd Town Hall Meeting
November 28 Thanksgiving Dinner Event
November 21 Cooking Class
November 9-10 Autumn Canoe Excursion
October 19 Town Hall - Special Adoption Act
October 10 Global Link Program
October 5-6 Nanji Cookout
September 28 Royal Cuisine Cooking Class
September 14 Discover Chuseok
September 5-14 First Trip Home
July 27 Mexican Food Fiesta
March 12 Share Your Talent
March 9 Share Your Talent
February 18-22 State of G.O.A.'L Sessions
January 19 Screening of the documentary Mercy Mercy - Portrait of an Adoption


December 8 Christmas Party
November 18 Adoptee & Volunteer Movie Night
November 4 Strategic planning
October 27 G.O.A.'L Data Entry and Clean up
October 13 G.O.A.'L Community Workshop Day
September 13-22 First Trip Home 5
September 2 Community Art Project
July 12 Boryeong Mud Festival 2012
July 7,25 Focus Group meetings
June 23 G.O.A.'L Summer BBQ
June 9 Monthly Volunteer Orientations start
June 6 Soccer Tournament - Yonsei International Campus


December 10 Christmas Party
November 7-12 First Trip Home 4
November 18-19 Adoptee Art and Film Festival
October 15 G.O.A.'L International Adoption Studies Forum
October 8 Woo Yang Soccer Tournament
April 30 Town Hall Meeting
April 19 First Adoptees Restore Citizenship to gain Dual Citizenship


December 30 G.O.A.'L USA Launch Event
December 11 Christmas Party
December 4 Andong Cultural Trip
November 30 Dual Citizenship Workshop
November 28 Business in Korea Seminar
Oct 31-November 6 First Trip Home 3
October 16 Life in Korea Workshop
September 18 Chuseok Event
September 11 Multi Cultural Festival
August 5 IKAA Gathering Birth Family Search Presentation
July 31 Dual Citizenship Seminar
June 26 Birth Family Search Campaign
April 30 Journal of Korean Adoption Studies 3 Launching Party
March 27 General Meeting


December 12 G.O.A.'L Christmas Party
October 30 - November 2 G.O.A.'L 1st International Cultural Festival
July 31 - August 2 First Trip Home 2
July 31 - August 2 G.O.A.'L Annual Conference
July 22-29 Homecoming Program for Korean Adoptees (First Trip Home)
April 25 Opening of G.O.A.'L Korean Adoptee Center


December 20 Christmas party, Novotel Ambassador Seoul
August 2008 10 Year Anniversary and 8th Annual Conference


December 15 Christmas Party
November 1 Annual Birth Family Search Campaign
September 25 Chuseok Celebration at KoRoot
August IKAA Gathering Participation
July Gaesung Industrial Complex Tour
June 16 Barbeque
May 12 G.O.A.’L dinner with Birth families
February 18 Seolnal Celebration at KoRoot


December 16 Christmas Party
November 25 Thanksgiving Party with KoRoot
October 6 Chuseok Party with KoRoot
August 11-13 G.O.A.'Ls 7th Annual Conference
June 18-24 Participation in IKAA Leadership Conference and Gathering 2007 Planning session, sponsored by OKF
June 9 Board of Directors Meeting
May 27-28 MT (Membership Training Retreat
March 25 Office move to new location in Hongdae
February 26 General Meeting


December 17 Christmas party
November 23 Public hearing at the National Assembly
November 1 Presentation of G.O.A.'L at Geumgang University
October 21-22 Fall Tour to Seoraksan
August 18-21 G.O.A.'L 6th Annual Conference, “Forging a New Community” at Konkuk University
May 21-22 MT (Membership Training Retreat
April 30 Fundraising Party at the South American Museum
March 5 General Meeting
February 10 Seollal party with KoRoot
January 15 Monthly meeting


December 18 Christmas Party with KoRoot and OKF
November 22 Website for birth family search.
July 23-25 Workshop presentation at the KAAN Conference, San Francisco, USA.
June – December Monthly seminars for volunteers and students of social welfare, sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan Government.
May 22 General Meeting held at the National Assembly.
March 31 G.O.A.'L office moved from Myeong-dong to Chungjeongno.
March 17 G.O.A.'L is registered as a non-governmental organization (NGO).


August 16 The 5th annual G.O.A.'L Conference 'Family Relations' held at the National Assembly in Yeoui-do.
March 15 G.O.A.'L Fifth year anniversary celebration at Lotte Hotel.


October 19 A study by Swedish adoptee, Tobias Hubinette, was presented at Mizy Centy
August 24 4th G.O.A.'L Conference held at the National Assembly in Yeoui-do.
February 6 G.O.A.'L is officially registered as an NPO.
January 19 Inaugural meeting for NP status held.


August 16-18 Third G.O.A.'L Conference held at the Seoul International Youth Center.


November 15 English youth events.
October Korean classes for adoptees begin.
30 September Myeong-dong Youth Festival participation, campaign to obtain signatures to become a non-profit organization (NPO).
August 5-12 Second G.O.A.'L Conference held at Konkuk University.
April 22 Start of regular, monthly discussions between Korean adoptees and Koreans.
March 12 Started community services such as visiting orphanages.
February 11 Beginning of 'Finding adoptees' program in cooperation with Korea Satellite Broadcast Company
January 30 Visits to Aeranwon, a home for unmarried mothers start.


August 21-22 First G.O.A.'L Conference.
March 6 G.O.A.'L One year anniversary celebration at Gangdong-gu Office.
January 10 The first monthly meeting of Korean adoptees and Koreans.


June 24 First G.O.A.'L interview with the Korean press.
June 10 The first newsletter is published and the first meeting held – 20 adoptees attend.
April Government forum addressing adoptees' rights and policies held at the National Assembly in Yeoui-do. Many adoptees attend.
March 5 12 adoptees from the US and Europe meet for the first formal G.O.A.'L meeting.


January G.O.A.'L (Global Overseas Adoptees' Link) founded.