Volunteers are provided for G.O.A.'L members for services including translation of documents, translating letters/emails/text messages between adoptees and reunited birth families, etc. All requests are completed based on volunteer schedules and availability.

Guidelines and Policies for Volunteer Request:

  1. Requests must be submitted ten (10) or more days in advance. We cannot guarantee requests made with less than one (1) week of advance notice. Late requests will be accommodated on a case-by-case basis if volunteers are available.
  2. English<->Korean and French<->Korean translation are currently available.
  3. Volunteers with the most advanced language abilities are generally reserved for birth family searches and/or reunions, however, all volunteers have at least a lower intermediate level of English.
  4. Volunteers are mainly based out of Seoul. If you are requesting a volunteer for a visit outside of Seoul, we will do our best to find a volunteer for the area(s) of Korea you need/want to visit. Members are responsible for the volunteer's travel fees if they are accommodating you outisde of Seoul and are not located in the area you are going to.
  5. As courtesy, meals should be provided for the volunteer if you are with the volunteer doing mealtimes.
  6. For privacy reasons, we do not share any personal information of the volunteer or adoptee with the other party. All communication is handled through the Volunteer Coordinator and other related G.O.A.'L staff. If you need to contact your volunteer in advance, the proper arrangements will be made.
  7. Volunteers are expected to be treated respectfully and professionally. Adoptee and volunteer safety and well-being are our top priority. G.O.A'L reserves the right to deny services to those who violate this policy.

To request a volunteer, please fill out the following form: 


For more information please contact the G.O.A.’L Volunteer Coordinator via email or KakaoTalk
Email: [email protected] | Kakao Talk ID: goalkorea