Employment Restrictions for F-4 Holders (Overseas Koreans)

Ministry of Justice’s Announcement No. 2015-29

Employment Restrictions for F-4 Visa Holders (Overseas Koreans)

According to the Immigration Control Act Article 18 paragraph 1, its Enforcement Decree Article 23 paragraph 3, and its Enforcement Rule Article 27-2, the Ministry of Justice hereby announces specific limitations for “Employment Restrictions for F-4 Holders (Overseas Koreans).”


Minister of Justice

  • Employment Restrictions for F-4 Holders (Overseas Koreans)
  1. Act of simple labor. (Attachment 1) 
  2. Act against good custom or societal order.
- Being employed at a speculative business as prescribed in Article 2 paragraph 1 subparagraph 1 and Enforcement Decree Article 1-2 of [Act on Special Cases Concerning Regulation and Punishment of Speculative Acts, etc.].
- Working at a entertainment bar/business as prescribed in Article 36 paragraph 2 and Enforcement Decree Article 21 subparagraph 8 of [Food Sanitation Act].
- Working at businesses against good custom, operating customary business as prescribed in Article 2 and Enforcement Decree Article 2 of [Act on the Regulation of Amusement Businesses Affecting Public Morals].
        3. When it is found necessary to restrict employment in order to maintain public interests or order in domestic employment. (Attachment 2)
  • Abolition of other regulations
    • Employment Restrictions Announcement for F-4 Holders(Overseas Koreans) No. 2010-297 by Ministry of Justice, ’10.04.26.) is abolished at the same time this announcement comes into effect.
  • Enforcement/Effective Date : From 2015. 2. 1

  •  Attachment 1 <Specific Jobs in the Simple Labor Category>
o    Simple Labor Workers(Major Category 9)
(1) Simple labor – Construction
Job examples – porter during building construction, simple labor in demolition work, simple labor in civil engineering,  waterway maintenance simple labor, tubular well simple labor, dam construction simple labor, miscellaneous building maintenance
Exceptions – traditional building construction (77241), masonry construction (77251), building demolition (777293)
(2) Simple labor – Mining Industry
Job examples – quarry excavation simple labor, mining simple labor
Exceptions – mine worker (77411), quarry technician (77412)
(3) Simple labor – Loading/Unloading
Job examples – loading worker, unloading worker, land freight unloader, harbor worker, vessel unloader, product transporter
(4) Mover
Job examples – mover (moving company)
(5) Other Loading/Unloading
Any work that involves moving office/home furniture/equipment from point A to point B, unloading
Job examples – furniture porter, furniture unloading worker, frozen product courier, fruit courier, fish courier, meat courier, food courier, storage courier
(6) Mailman
Job examples – mail carrier, mailman, mail delivery
(7) Package Delivery
Transporting a parcel ordered/purchased by customers in a vehicle
Job examples – package delivery
(8) Other Package Delivery
Job examples – quick-service delivery (messenger service), motorcycle quick-service delivery
(9) Food Delivery
Job examples – food delivery, late-night food delivery, meal delivery, lunchbox delivery, chinese food delivery, snack delivery, chicken delivery, pizza delivery
(10) Beverage Delivery
Job examples – milk delivery(except door-to-door sales), yogurt delivery(except door-to-door sales), health juice(greens) delivery(except door-to-door sales)
(11) Newspaper Delivery
Job examples – newspaper delivery(except door-to-door sales)
(12) Other Delivery
(13) Manual Packing/Packaging
Job examples – manual packing (hand-packing)
(14) Manual Labeling
Job examples – manual labeling, manual branding(attaching trademarks)
(15) Building Interior Cleaner
Job examples – office cleaner, public building cleaner, officetel cleaner, apartment cleaner, hospital cleaner, hotel cleaner
(16) Transportation Cleaner
Job examples – train cleaner, vessel cleaner, airplane cleaner, bus cleaner
(17) Other Cleaners
(18) Garbage Collector 
Job examples – garbage collector, garbage cleaner, sewage collector
(19) Street Cleaner
Job examples – street cleaner, park cleaner
(20) Recyclable Collector
Job examples – recyclable collector
(21) Other Cleaners and Recyclable Collectors
(22) Apartment Guard/Janitor/Doorman
Job examples – apartment guard/janitor, condo guard/janitor
(23) Building Guard/Janitor/Doorman
Job examples – government office building janitor, school janitor, mall janitor, building janitor, hospital janitor, building facilities janitor, building security guard, marketplace janitor, factory janitor, construction site janitor, construction janitor
(24) Other Guards/Janitors
Job examples – church janitor, park patrol, park safety officer, park maintenance, play-park/facilities maintenance, vacation home maintenance
(25) Ticket Inspector
Job examples – express bus ticket inspector, theater ticket inspector, amusement park ticket inspector, toll collector, ticket inspector, sauna ticket inspector
(26) Fast Food Restaurant Worker 
Job examples – fast food worker(simple/repetitive work such as cooking patties/food packaging)
(27) Kitchen Assistant
Job examples – kitchen assistant, ingredient preparation, assistant cook, school food service assistant
(28) Gas Station Worker
Job examples – refueling worker, gas charging worker
(29) Store Arrangement
Job examples – store stocker/merchandiser, merchandise transporter, sales assistant, shopping cart mover
(30) Distributing Flyers and Putting up Posters
Job examples – catalog distributor, poster worker, posting advertisement(stickers), putting up posters, flyer distribution
(31) Other Sales-related Simple Labor
Job examples – checkroom staff, fitness center changing room staff
(32) Forest Fire Observer
Job examples – forest fire observer
(33) Meterman
Job examples – metermen for gas/water pipe/electricity gauge, electricity safety inspector
(34) Gas Meterman
Job examples – gas meter reader
(35) Bill Collector
Job examples – vending machine maintenance or bill collector
(36) Parking Management
Job examples – parking manager, parking lot manager
(37) Parking Guide
Job examples – parking lot attendant
(38) Shoe Cleaner
Job examples – shoe cleaner
(39) Laundry and Ironing
Job examples – hand-wash laundry, simple ironing
Exceptions – dry-clean equipment operator (82301), other laundry machine operator (82309)
(40) Environment Watch
Job examples – environment inspector (for natural environment protection)
(41) Other Service-related Simple Labor
Job examples – errand runner, office boy/girl

Attachment 2 <Specific jobs that are restricted in order to maintain public interests or order in domestic employment>

o    Service Industry(Major Category 4)
(1) Foot Care Specialist
Job examples – foot massage therapist, foot care specialist
(2) Bath Specialist
Assistance with bathing, providing massage or aesthetics
(3) Wedding Service
Job examples – wedding ceremony assistant, wedding staff, pyebaek (Korean traditional ceremony) staff, professional officiant
(4) Hotel Service
Job examples – bellhop, doorman, room-service
(5) Other Service Providers at Accommodations
Job examples – condo/resort staff, motel staff, inn staff
(6) Karaoke Worker
Job examples – karaoke employee, karaoke manager
(7) Other Entertainment Facility Workers
Job examples – internet café staff, internet café manager, video room staff, video room manager, comics (rental) shop manager
(8) Golf Caddy
Job examples – caddy, golf rounding assistant
(9) Food Service
Job examples – waiter or waitress at banquet, waiter or waitress at formal restaurant, waiter or waitress at boat restaurant, waiter or waitress at dining car(train)
(10) Beverage Service
Job examples – waiter, waitress
(11) Alcohol Service
Job examples – sommelier, wine steward, host (food or beverage business)


o    Sales(Major Category 5)

(12) Street Stalls or Mobile Booths Sales
Job examples – street vendor, street stall sales, newsstand sales, sales on passenger train car


If you are unsure if a job opportunity falls under the restricted jobs list, please contact the immigration helpline at < 1345 > for more information.