G.O.A.'L Football Club

We are the 2013 IKAA Adoptee World Cup Champions!!



Any adoptee interested in playing soccer is welcome to join the G.O.A.'L FC.  Friends and family of adoptees can join in the fun too.

We have been playing regularly for years and participated in the IKAA Adoptee World Cup in 2007, 2010 and we are the 2013 Champion Team.  We had a very strong team this year, with no goals against us during the tournament.  Our team holds the Adoptee World Cup title until the next IKAA Adoptee World Cup (2019?).

Depending on availability we play either at Yonsei (free), at the futsal field YongSan I'ParkMall or at the futsal field Seoul World Cup Stadium (subway line #6).

The fee for each Sunday in 2016 is as follows:
8,000 won per day for or 30,000 won per month.
(if you plan to join for the entire month, you may pay for the month and receive a 2,000 won discount).
Please make sure you pay the Team Captain or the designated person.  NO PAY, NO PLAY..


Upcoming Locations:

Please contact us directly for the most up-to-date information.


Eirik Hagenes, Coach/Captain
John Compton, Manager
[email protected]