GOA'L Voice and Empowerment Workshop

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We are a hugely diverse and talented group of individuals spanning careers, generations, and continents around the world. What an extraordinary community we have and how interesting it is to see the different paths we all take in life. With the objective of getting to know our community better on a professional level, while still having fun, GOA’L started the Share Your Talent program in 2013. GOA’L invites you to join us as we explore the landscape of talents and abilities hidden within our fellow adoptees and to Share Your Talent!

How to Voice Our Identities:
An empowerment and communication workshop


When negotiating our sense of self as adoptees living in Korea or our adopted countries, many of us have anxiety over meeting people, speaking our minds, and developing meaningful relationships. This workshop will be an exploration of how aspects of our adoptee experience - issues of racism, trauma, trust, abandonment - affect how we speak and communicate, in addition to the impression we make to others.

The afternoon will be about listening to each other openly and exploring straightforward and practical exercises that explore who we are as adoptees and how we can become more powerful and present in all aspects of our lives.


In this workshop, you will:

  • learn clear strategies for improving your communication skills with confidence and ease

  • discuss the idea of codeswitching and how it applies to our lives and relationships

  • discover the relationship and connection between our states of mind and the state of our bodies

  • examine how your presence affects others and how other people affect you in any given setting

  • explore ways of introducing yourself and describing your background that cause less anxiety and stress

  • have fun and be heard!

This workshop is for adoptees who would like to:

  • be more comfortable and confident in both social and professional settings

  • explore their adoptee experiences in relation to their right to speak, communicate, and foster meaningful relationships

  • become more powerful when speaking to others

  • increase their ability to be vulnerable

WHO All adoptees are encouraged to attend - from all backgrounds and those living here long term, short term, or just passing through.


DATE / TIME Sunday May 18 / 1pm - 4pm

SUPPORT FEE Member 10,000 KRW / Non Member 15,000 KRW (Show GOA'L App to get 1,000 KRW discount)

REGISTRATION Please register by May 15 by clicking on the Register Now button in the top right corner. Maximum capacity 10 participants.

INQUIRIES [email protected] / 02-325-6585


mai 18th, 2014 1:00 PM   jusqu'à   4:00 PM
창천동 20-25 아트레온 빌딩 14층
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Phone: +82 2 325 6585
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Member ₩ 25,000.00
Non-Member ₩ 35,000.00


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