Wellness Through 1:1 Mental Health Therapy

Through You&Me Psychological and Consultation Services (YPCS)
12 G.O.A.’L members will receive up to 5 subsidized sessions*.
In a confidential and secure environment, a trained professional will help you
develop strategies and skills to reduce or manage life stressors.
Change your thinking and behavioral patterns to achieve your potential
and improve your life.
Learn, grow, and heal in a space of reflection.

Cost: KRW 25,000/session -OR- KRW 100,000/total (when paid in full)* CASH ONLY

(*Non-paid member rates range between 150,000 – 200,000 / session)


G.O.A.’L member and an adult adoptee in Korea; first-come, first-serve basis.
Check your G.O.A.’L account online to see if your membership is current.
*Upon completion of the first 5 sessions, members may be eligible for up to an additional 5 sessions.

Access the subsidized counseling services in two easy steps!

1. Verify that your G.O.A.’L membership is paid up to date by checking your online G.O.A.'L account at goal.or.kr.
2. Please contact YPCS directly by calling 010-6929-3013 or email [email protected] or visit www.ypcskorea.com to make an appointment.

YPCS will contact you directly to schedule an appointment. They will also track the number of sessions and will notify you when you reach the subsidized limit.


1. These services are limited to adult Korean adoptees and are a benefit for paid members. You can become a member here.
2. If you decide to discontinue with the program, PLEASE notify YPCS in writing so that the remaining sessions can benefit other members.


Access to therapy under this agreement has been designed to honor members’ confidentiality at every step of the process. G.O.A.’L does not require members to notify its office of their decision to utilize the above services.

If you have any additional questions, please direct them to YPCS at: [email protected] or G.O.A.’L at [email protected].