First Trip Home is intended for overseas Korean adoptees who have never previously returned to Korea, and unlike other homeland tours, First Trip Home has a special focus on birth family search.
The tour includes several days dedicated solely to birth family search-related visits including adoption agencies, orphanages, and the area of birth or where the adoptee was found*.

*Subject to change based on availability of information found in adoption paperwork.

Applications are open 6 March 2020 (00:01 KST) ~ 16 April 2020 (23:59 KST). The application process includes submitting an application, a motivational essay, and a Skype interview with our birth family search team.

- Welcome dinner with sponsors and local adoptee supporters
- Basic Korean lesson
- Adoption agency visits
- Visits to places of importance for each individual participant such as orphanages, police station, area found, etc.*
- Cultural activities / sightseeing (Seoul + weekend trip outside of Seoul)
- Closing dinner
- Opportunity to network with adoptees living in Korea in a casual, social environment
*Areas visited will depend solely on the information in each participant's adoption files and information found by our birth family search team prior to/during First Trip Home

- Must be a current paid member
- Motivational essay (grammar, spelling, etc. do not affect chances of being selected)
- Skype interview with birth family search team
- Applicant has not yet returned to Korea* and has not yet been successful with a birth family search
*those who have visited before will not be automatically disqualified, but we will prioritize those who will visit for the first time

For all First Trip Home participants there is a possibility of appearing on different Korean media outlets to share their adoption story with the Korean public. This coverage could potentially be used as part of the birth family search. Please be aware that these opportunities may arise suddenly and with little to no warning based on media availability and schedules. (Any appearances are optional.)

G.O.A.'L sponsors accommodation, meals during program times, sight-seeing activities (including program weekend trip), and some transportation costs, however, participants will be responsible for some costs including, but not limited to:
- Airfare to / from Korea
- Meals not during program times (i.e. Participants often go out together socially after the day's program ends. We encourage these types of outings, however, G.O.A.'L does not cover costs unless specifically mentioned in the program)
- Transportation in-country (G.O.A.'L provides each participant with a transportation card pre-loaded with a certain amount of money. These can be used on trains, busses, etc, however, these will not cover the costs of all in-country travel. Participants should plan to use around KRW 150,000 during the 10 days for transportation costs.)