Future Openings: Spring/Summer 2017

Intern at the only registered NGO/NPO adoptee organization in Korea!

Meet friends old and new!
Experience the adoptee community!
Help G.O.A.'L prosper by adding your unique skills and personality to the organization!

Past interns have come from:

Belgium, France, Germany, Korea, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and the U.S.

In 2016, the G.O.A.'L intern worked in the following programs:

Membership Development and Communications

In 2015, G.O.A.'L interns worked in the following programs:


In 2013-2014, G.O.A.'L interns worked in the following programs:

Birth Family Search Assistance
English-French; French-English Translation/Interpretation
Website assistance
Data Entry

In 2009-2011, G.O.A.'L interns worked in the following programs:

Birth Family Search Assistance
First Trip Home
BFS Directory
English language volunteer interviews
English language classes for birth families
Living in Korea Guide for Adoptees

Internship Program Information

Global Overseas Adoptees' Link (G.O.A.'L) offers internships at our office in Seoul, South Korea.
By being an intern at G.O.A.'L you get an opportunity to learn about the community through daily interaction at the office and planned events.


  • You must be a paying member of G.O.A.'L.
  • Preferably you should be studying in a field closely related to adoption issues.
  • You must be proficient in English and/or Korean in order to participate in meetings and function at the office. For special exceptions, please inquire.
  • Work Hours: Interns are expected to work between 20 and 40 hours a week during a 3 to 6 month internship period. 

Internships are offered on an ongoing basis. Interns may receive academic credit if an agreement is made between G.O.A.'L and the intern's college or university before the internship period commences. All interns are subject to standard G.O.A.'L Employee Rules and Regulations.

Application: Please send a short essay explaining how you would be an asset for our organization along with your resume/CV and your most recent grade transcript to: [email protected].

2016 Intern
Ms. Grace Benner (USA)

2015 Interns
Ms. Lillian Hexter (adoptee, USA)
Ms. Yea Jin KIM (Korean)

2014 Intern
Ms. Anais Montjoie (France)

2013 Intern
Ms. Anais Montjoie (France)

2011 Interns
Ms. Ane Rin Kibsgaard (adoptee, Denmark)

2010 Interns
Ms. Myriam Cransac (adoptee, France)
Mr. Nik Nadeau (adoptee, USA)
Ms. Sara Leonowicz (adoptee, France)
Ms. Sarah Hee Wenaas Kristoffersen (adoptee, Norway)
Mr. Felix Soulie (adoptee, France)
Ms. Yoona Kim
Ms. Jeong Hyun Kim

2009 Interns
Ms. Juli Simenson, Univ. of Montana (adoptee, USA)
Ms. Sara Alvfeldt, (adoptee, Sweden)
Ms. Susie Hallquist (adoptee, USA)
Ms. Min-sun Kim
Ms. Hyun Jin Kim

2008 Interns
Ms. Myriam Cransac (adoptee, France)
Mr. Marc Champod (adoptee, Switzerland)
Ms. Seon Kim (kyopo, Germany)
Ms. Elizabeth Stiles, NYU (adoptee, US)