Congratulations and farewell to Jessica!

It is with both pride and joy that we can announce that our Vice Secretary General, Ms. Jessica J. Boling, MsW, is the recipient of a Fulbright Research Grant, which she will complete in
Cameroon during 2013. She will be conducting research on the relationship between donors and NGOs providing services to people living with HIV/AIDS.

Jessica has been an integral part of the ongoing effort to modernize and streamline our organization, and her skills, competence and effort has been an invaluable asset during her tenure that we will surely miss. She has spearheaded our internal workflow overhaul and been a driving force in refining and refocusing our ongoing services to better match the demands of the community while respecting the great historical progress our organization has experienced since its inception in 1998.

The G.O.A.'L Staff wishes her the best of luck and success in all her future endeavors and hope she will continue to be a major voice in the worldwide adoptee community.

Links to local articles about Jessica’s scholarship:

Thank you to the very active and skilled community volunteers who have been helping us over the last months. They have been integral in helping us assess the vision and needs within the adoptee community. We are diligently working on a strategic plan for the future of G.O.A.’L.

The first weekend of November G.O.A.’L will create a new Mission and Vision statement during an intense workshop session in which the input we have received from stakeholders in the community are discussed and evaluated through the experience of the staff.
Concluding this initial planning phase the concrete phases in each step necessary to achieve this vision and better meet the demands of the community will commence
This includes planning for future staff transition to fill vacancies and formalize and optimize workflows.

We will be publishing the results of this meeting on our website and through social media channels.