G.O.A.'L Membership Announcement

Greetings from Seoul!

We hope this email finds you getting off to a great start in 2016! We at G.O.A.’L are proud and honored to support the adoptee community and would love to do so for many more years to come.

In order to keep up with ever increasing costs of operation and to ensure that the quality of our services remain as high as ever, Global Overseas Adoptees’ Link (G.O.A.'L) will be increasing membership fees to $80 per year from April 7, 2016 (KST).

Membership fees

- directly affect our ability to staff an office by covering overhead including rent, utility fees and salaries

- support invaluable services to the adoptee community

Membership benefits include

- advance notification of events

- discounted event rates

- a subscription to our e-newsletter

- access to our birth family search team

- translation / interpretation services for birth family search

- Korean language scholarships (No application fee required!)

- access to professional adult adoptees working in Seoul on your and the community's behalf.

- access to our mental health program

For less than $7 per month, paid members have unlimited access to

- our pool of volunteers trained by adoptees to work with adoptees

- birth family search assistance

- language scholarships

- F-4 visa and dual citizenship application support

- and more!

Compare that to the market rate of $150 for one hour of professional language interpretation! And that’s with someone who probably has never worked with adoptees!



To thank our current membership for their support, if you are already paying for your membership via Paypal’s auto-renewal, you will automatically be locked in at the rate you’re currently paying as long as the auto renewal remains active.

Current members who are not currently utilizing Paypal’s auto renewal but would like to lock in their membership fee at $60 AND have paid membership fees since April 7, 2015 are eligible for a prorated refund of their membership fee after signing up for membership via Paypal. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Additionally, any new members who sign up for auto renewal for membership fees via Paypal by April 7, 2016, will be able to lock in their membership at the current rate of $60.

Why do we use Paypal’s auto renewal system?

Paying membership fees via Paypal’s auto-renewal system reduces administration for the organization. Running on only a few permanent staff and volunteers, any way that we are able to reduce the workload is a plus.

How can I lock in my membership at $60 if I already paid (in cash/bank transfer) last year?

Step 1: Sign up for the auto renewal via our membership page on our website

(Create or log into your profile on our website before attempting to sign up for membership.)

Step 2: Check that the payment has gone through via Paypal

Step 3: Contact our office manager ([email protected]) to get your refund process started.

Remember - only payments made after April 7, 2015 are eligible for partial refunds minus expenses!

What happens if I cancel the auto renewal?

As long as you have the auto renewal active via Paypal, you will lock in the rate that you’re currently paying for G.O.A.’L membership. If you cancel your membership but then want to restart your payments to G.O.A.’L again later, your new payments will be for whatever the rate is at that time.

If you’re in Korea, please stop by and say hello because we always love to have visitors!

Happy New Year!