G.O.A.’L and You&Me Psychological & Consultation Services (YPCS) are pleased to offer G.O.A.’L members subsidized counseling services!

G.O.A.’L has partnered with various local organizations to provide adult adoptees with mental health services at affordable rates since 2008.

15 G.O.A.’L members can receive up to 10 counseling sessions for a discounted rate of KRW 25,000/session. This service is provided on a first come first serve basis. The purpose of G.O.A.’L establishing this partnership is to help make these services more accessible and affordable for our members. It is not a requirement to discuss adoption-related matters if you do not wish to do so.

YPCS is a new counseling center led by Ms. MinJung (MJ) Doh, PhD. MJ received her doctoral degree in counseling psychology from Pennsylvania State University and has been a mental health provider for 10 years. She spent about 20 years in the United States before returning to Korea in 2013 and has practiced both in the US and South Korea. Her specialties include depression, anxiety, adoption, identity issues, acculturation, and family/relationship issues.

YPCS has therapists that have been trained and are licensed in North America. Several of these therapists work with our members.

Individual therapist prices typically range between KRW 160,000-180,000.

Access the subsidized counseling services in two easy steps!

1. Verify that your G.O.A.’L membership is paid up to date by checking your online G.O.A.'L account at goal.or.kr.
2. Call 02-6929-3014 or email YPCS at ypcskorea@gmail.com to make an appointment.

YPCS will contact you directly to schedule an appointment. They will also track the number of sessions and will notify you when you reach the subsidized limit.


1. These services are limited to adult Korean adoptees and are a benefit for paid members. You can become a member here.
2. If you decide to discontinue with the program, PLEASE notify YPCS in writing so that the remaining sessions can benefit other members.


Access to therapy under this agreement has been designed to honor members’ confidentiality at every step of the process. G.O.A.’L does not require members to notify its office of their decision to utilize the above services.

If you have any additional questions, please direct them to YPCS at: ypcskorea@gmail.com or G.O.A.’L at mhs@goal.or.kr.