Mental Health Resource List

G.O.A.’L’s Global Mental Health Resource List is a working international reference list, created by Global Overseas Adoptees’ Link (G.O.A.’L), of professionals and organizations in the mental health field that have experience working with transracial/transnational adult adoptees.
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While post-adoption counseling programs and specializations have begun to emerge, many focus on adoptive families and adopted children. This resource list only contains people or professionals who have been personally endorsed by other adult adoptees.
For over a decade, G.O.A.’L has had the privilege of interacting with adoptees in some of their most vulnerable moments and with raw emotions, such as: initiating birth family searches and preparing to publicize their birth family search on national television, reuniting with biological family for the first time, learning that their documentation is incorrect or that their biological family does not or cannot meet them, struggling with remigration issues that challenge their self-perceptions, value and identity and realizations that there are many of us and that we really aren’t alone in our struggles.

It is these and other such experiences that have bolstered G.O.A.’L’s increasing interest in developing mental health awareness programs and services for adult adoptees over the past several years, and it is G.O.A.’L’s hope that having such a resource will help to fulfill a need and strengthen the network of support addressing adult adoptees’ mental health issues, especially as this field of specialization is evolving.

If you are an adult adoptee and would like to recommend an individual or organization to be included, please send us their contact information. We would love to be able to refer adoptees to professionals in their countries of residence.
Inquiries may be sent to [email protected].


A*: Transracial or transnational adult adoptee
K*: Worked and lived in Korea

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