Wellness Through 1:1 Mental Health Therapy


Twelve G.O.A.'L members per year can receive up to 10 subisdized sessions* through You&Me Psychological and Consultation Services (YPCS).

In a confidential and secure environment, a trained professional will help you develop strategies and skills to reduce or manage 
life stressors.

Change your thinking and behavioral patterns to achieve your potential and improve your life.

Learn, grow, and heal in a space of reflection.


KRW 25,000 / session
*Non-member rates range from KRW 150,000-200,000 / session

1. Adult adoptee
2. Living in Korea
3.Current G.O.A.'L member

Sessions are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please check to make sure your G.O.A.'L membership is up to date before making an inquiry.

How to Apply:

Access the subsidized counseling services in two easy steps!

1. Verify that your G.O.A.’L membership is paid up to date by checking your online G.O.A.'L account at goal.or.kr.
2. Contact YPCS directly to make an appointment.



[email protected]





YPCS will get back to you directly to schedule an appointment. They will also track the number of sessions you have completed and will notify you when you reach the subsidized limit.


1. These services are limited to adult Korean adoptees and are a benefit for paid members. If you are not currently a member but would like to take advantage of this offer, you can become a member HERE.
2. If you decide to discontinue sessions, please notify YPCS in writing so any remaining sessions can be used to benefit other members. (*You will not pay for any sessions you do not use. For refunds of unused paid-in-full sessions, please contact YPCS.)


Access to therapy under this agreement has been designed to honor members’ confidentiality at every step of the process. Members are not required to notify G.O.A.'L to utilize the above services.
If you have any additional questions, please direct them to YPCS at < admin
(at)ypcskorea(dot)com > or G.O.A.’L at < mhs(at)goal(dot)or(dot)kr >


For those who are experiencing grief after losing someone to suicide, You&Me has released a helpeful document about grief. You can read the document here.

Grief After Being Exposed to Suicide