Emergency Assistance

If you find yourself in any of the following emergency situations, please reach out to either G.O.A.'L or the linked organizations for help!
Homelessness:  G.O.A.'L will connect you with the English speaking crisis staff at KAS that will assist you with a temporarily housing solution. You can also contact them directly
Medical: Raphael Clinic treats all foreigners and has English speaking staff. Additionally, KAS has an MOU with the Red Cross Hospital (you must have been in Korea for 3 months or longer at the time of application. The discount they offer will depend on your financial means). Contact the KAS crisis staff for further information.
Please note, that the Korean classification system of hospitals means that not all hospitals treat all diseases. For situations not covered by these hospitals: please contact [email protected] or KAS' crisis staff so we can assist you as soon as possible. 
Mental health therapy: If you are in need of mental health therapy but can't afford the fees for English speaking therapists, contact [email protected] or You&Me Therapy at [email protected]
Urgent needs: This includes eemergencies such as sudden death in the family. Depending on your country of citizenship, your embassy can assist you with a loan for things like emergency airfare, etc. Please visit the embassy page to read more about which rules apply to your country.
Legal: G.O.A.'L is connected to a lawyer who assists our members pro bono. Please email your question or a detailed description of your situation to the G.O.A.'L Secretary General at [email protected].
Outside Korea:  If you are at risk of deportation and don't know who to contact, email either [email protected]. We will handle your information with the utmost discretion and connect you with people who can possibly assist you.