Letter send to Korea Adoption Services (KAS) President and KAS Board of Directors on July 12, 2019:


Q: What does this mean for KAS, does this mean it won't be dissolved?
A: KAS will continue to remain an incorporated semi-governmental organization until the Board of Directors (BOD) can reconviene and re-vote on the dissolution. This usually requires an announcement 30 days prior to the BOD meeting.

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Dear President Kim and Korea Adoption Services Board of Directors,
Full information was withheld preventing the Board of Directors from making an informed and responsible decision concerning the future of Adoptee affairs. Adoptees spent countless years,  many resources and fought hard for the revision of the Special Adoption Law which took effect in 2012; resulting with the justification and process for the establishment of KAS, and its governance. An adoptee on the Board of Directors was a milestone, and a step closer to formal national acknowledgment and reconciliation of adoption history, and recognition of adoptees’ human rights, needs, and services. 
Upon the discovery no seat on the National Center for the Rights of Children (NCRC), Board of Directors would be reserved for an Adoptee, is a step further away from what Adoptees achieved. As a result of this situation, the lack and withholding of information as well as lack of transparency from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the only recourse I am left with as a Representative is to change my vote to against the dissolution of Korea Adoption Services (KAS); therefore, I am not providing my Seal Certificate.
John K. Compton (오명석), Member
Board of Directors, Korea Adoption Services

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