If you are interested in volunteering for G.O.A.'L, please read the following information.

G.O.A.'L is always looking for volunteers - Korean or adoptee! We hold volunteer orientations on a rolling basis to introduce G.O.A.'L, explain what services are offered through our organization, and how you can help! The volunteer application process does include a short, casual interview.

Some services that volunteers provide include:

  1. Translation of documents (both paperwork and letters/messages between adoptees and reunited birth families)
  2. In-person translation (birth family reunions, other various appointments)
  3. Assisting the Birth Family Search team


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out the following form: 


For more information please contact the G.O.A.’L Volunteer Coordinator via email or via KakaoTalk
e: [email protected] | kkt ID: goalkorea