Job Functions

Secretary General -Accounting
-Financial Responsibility
-Human Resources
-Networking Program development
Office Manager -Office administrative support
-Membership inquiries
Birth Family Search Assistant -Birth family search through the police
-Assist birth families searching for their child
-DNA tests
-Media contact reagarding birth family search cases
-Translations (Korean <-> English)
Birth Family Search Mentor -Consultations and birth family search case management
-Maintain and update birth family search cases
-Coordination with Volunteer Mentor regarding birth family search cases
-Collaborate with Birth Family Search Assistant to complete birth family search processes (police search, DNA collection, translations)
Community Resources Mentor -Community outreach (information regarding transitioning to and living in Korea)
-Point of contact for partner organizations
-Event planning
-Content marketing
-Language scholarship applications
F-4 Visa/Dual Citizenship Mentor -Assistance regarding the F-4 visa and dual citizenship application process (application & post-application)
-Consultations about becoming a dual citizen or F-4 visa holder
-Answering general inquiries related to the F-4 visa and dual citizenship
Volunteer Mentor -Provides volunteers for:
-Active birth family searches
-Birth family reunions
-Visits to immigration and Distrcit Offices (relating to F-4 visa and dual citizenship)
-Translation (written) and interpretation (spoken) with birth family
-Volunteer recruitment