Please make an appointment ahead of time if you wish to visit the office and meet a specific staff member, since most of our staff is part-time and have out of office duties as well. The first language listed is the individual's primary language.

Mr. Richard Peterson (Adoptee, United States) [English, Korean]

Interim Secretary General (사무총장)
-Financial responsibility
-Human Resources
-Networking Program development


Community Resources Mentor (커뮤니티 지원)
-Partner Organization Relations
-Scholarship applications management
-Community outreach
-Content Marketing

Ms. Shae James (adoptee, USA) [English, Korean]

Birth Family Search Mentor (친가족찾기)
-Consultations and birth family search case management

Mr. Damien Terisse (adoptee, France) [French, English]

Birth Family Search Mentor (친가족찾기)
-Consultations and birth family search case management

Ms. Megan Mecklenburg (adoptee, United States) [English]

Volunteer Mentor (자원봉사자 관리)
-Volunteer Coordination: birth family search, immigration/district office visits, translation/interpretation for communication with birth family
-Volunteer recruitment and orientations

VACANT (adoptee, US) [English]

Ms. Susan Choi [Korean, English]

Office Administrator (간사)
-Government funding

Ms. Leanna French (adoptee, United States) [English, Korean]

F-4 Visa, Dual Citizenship Mentor / (F-4 비자, 이중국적 업무 )
-Assistance regarding the F4 visa and dual citizenship application process

Mr. Jes Eriksen (adoptee, Denmark) [Danish, English, German, Korean]

Webmaster & IT Administration (웹마스터)

Ms. YoonJin Baek (Korean) [Korean, English]

Birth Family Search Assistant/Media
-Media relations for birth family search cases

Mr. Nikolaj Leschly (가현우) (adoptee, USA) [English, Korean]

Internal Advisor (자문위원)

Ms. Mee Joo Kim (김미주) (adoptee, USA) [English, Korean]

Mental Health Services Program Coordinator