F-4 Visa


Please read this entire page carefully before contacting us. Answers to most general questions can be found on this page.

For those with a Korean phone number, you can also call the Immigration Helpline at < 1345 > with questions regarding application status, help making an appointment on the HiKorea website, etc.

Required Documents:

*As of September 2019, immigration is now enforcing the requirement for a criminal background check for F-4 applicants. The background check must be completed in your adoptive country and apostilled.*


A. Valid passport (여권) - Passport must be valid for 3+ years from the date of application. Immigration requires to see the original + a color copy.

B. Two current 3.5 x 4.5 cm (1.4 x 1.8 in) photos

-Less than 6 months old
-Photos must be identical
-Photo booths are available in various places throughout Seoul including most subway stations and at the immigration office

C. Adoption Certificate (입양인사실확인서)

-Submit original copy (less than 3 months old as of date of insuance)
-Must request a copy from your Korean adoption agency (if still in existence)
Eastern Social Welfare Society:
[email protected]
02-332-3941 (from overseas: +82-2-332-3941)


[email protected]
02-6938-5550 (from overseas: +82-2-6938-5550)

Korea Social Services:

[email protected]
02-908-9191 (from overseas: +82-2-908-9191)

Social Welfare Society:

[email protected]

02-567-8891 (from overseas: +82-2-567-8891)

In your request, please provide the following:

  1. Current legal name (the name on your passport)

  2. Korean name at time of adoption - It should be in your paperwork

  3. Date of adoption (if known)

  4. Adoptive father's first & last name

  5. Country of adoption

  6. Scan of passport

Note: G.O.A.'L cannot request the adoption certificate for you. You must contact your Korean agency directly to obtain your certificate. You can pick it up at the agency building during regular working hours or you can have it emailed or mailed to your (Korean) residence.

D. Korean Family Registry [가족관계증명서 (Family Relation Certificate) -and- 기본증명서 (Basic Certificate)]

-Must be original copy dated less than 6 months from date of application
-Must be requested from a Jumin Center (주민센터/Community Center). These are not district specific.
-Can be picked up the same day as your immigration appointment. (If applying in Seoul, there is a Jumin Center directly across from the main immigration building)
-Ask for the Family Relation Certificate and Basic Certificate first. If they cannot be found, ask for the 제적등본 (Removal Certificate)
-The date your Korean citizenship was revoked must be on the document
-Bring your adoption certificate with you. The agent will need your Korean name and adoption agency address to look up these documents
-In the rare case that you have a Korean ID number in your paperwork, that can also be used to look up your registry

E. Certificate of Citizenship/Naturalization (외국국적 취득 관련 서류)

-Submit a copy only
-American citizens only: You are required to present your original certficate as well as a color copy.
-If the certificate is not in English, please translate from your language to English or Korean. GOA'L can assist with translation as an authorized translation center as given by the Ministry of Justice-Immigration Service. Please contact us for more information
-If you do not have a Certificate of Citizenship/Naturalization, you will be required to apply for a new one or replacement within your adoptive country

Note: French citizens - For more information regarding this document, please refer to the following website -> https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F1051

F. KRW 130,000 application fee

-KRW 100,000 cash (general application fee) exchanged for revenue stamps + KRW 30,000 (ID fee) deposited at the ATM on the 1st or 2nd floor of the immigration building
-If you obtained your F-4 visa outside of Korea, you are still required to apply for the ARC (Alien Registration Card). The fee is KRW 30,000

G. Copy of your lease (rental agreement)

-If your name is not on the lease, you will need to complete the "Confirmation of Residence/Accommodation Form" + provide a copy of the ID of the person whose name is on the lease (house mate, friend, partern, etc) + a copy of their lease/contract

H. Criminal background check from adoptive country + apostille

-Must be completed in adoptive country

Note: You can have your fingerprints taken in Korea by going to any of the district police stations
Note: For those renewing (extending) their visa, if you have been living in Korea for more than 6 months as of 2 September 2019, you do not need to submit a background check during time of next renewal. If you have lived outside of Korea (while maintaining your F-4) for more than 6 months in another country, you will need to submit a criminal background check

Application Process

1. Make sure you have your PASSPORT and CERTIFICATE OF NATURALIZATION or CITIZENSHIP. If your CERTIFICATE OF NATURALIZATION or CITIZENSHIP is not in English or Korean, it will need to be translated. (Contact GOA'L regarding translation services.)

2. Once you obtain your ADOPTION CERTIFICATE from the adoption agency (or G.O.A.'L receives it), you are ready to make an appointment at immigration. Go to the HiKorea immigration website to make an appointment for "Application for Sojourn".

3. On your appointment day, do not forget to bring your PASSPORT (+ copy) + CERTIFICATE OF CITIZENSHIP/NATURALIZATION + APPLICATION FEE + 2 PHOTOS.

4. Pick up your completed F-4 card at the immigration office on the date it is available. (You can also have it delivered to your registered address for an added fee of KRW 3,000.)


1. The processing time for the F-4 visa is approximately 2-4 weeks.  If you leave the country during the issuance period, your application will be canceled.

2. You may be required to renounce your Korean citizenship at the immigration office during your application appointment. This is ONLY an administrative step -- your Korean citizenship was already revoked 6 months after you acquired citizenship in your adoptive country.

3. Make sure to check with the immigration office about when and where you should pick up your F-4 Card.  For an extra fee (KRW 3,000), it can be delivered to an address of your choice, however, someone will have to be present to sign for the delivery - they cannot leave it in your mailbox.

4. If you currently have a visa and are switching to the F-4, you may be asked to present a copy of your current rental agreement.  If you do not have a rental agreement and are living with a friend or family member, they will be required to provide the Confirmation of Residence/Accommodation form (stating that you are living there - contact G.O.A.'L for more information).

To download a PDF version of the required documents, please click the following link:
F4 Checklist .pdf

You are required to book your immigration visit online at www.hikorea.go.kr prior to visit. Walk-ins are not accepted.
Please contact the immigration helpline at 1345 (English-speaking staff available) if you need assitance making your appointment.

For more information please contact the F-4 Visa Mentor via email

e: f4