F-4 Visa

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F-4 Visa Basic Information (First Time Applicants & Applicants Switching To An F-4 Visa)

G.O.A.'L will assist you with the:

1. Application Form
2. Residence Report Form

In addition, below are the other required documents:

[  ]  A. Valid Passport (여권) - passport must be valid for more than 3 years, submit legible copy (you will be asked to present original)

[  ]  B.  Two current photos (less than 6 months old),  3.5 x 4.5 cm (1.4 x 1.8 in)

  • Need to be same photo.
  • Photo booths are available in various places throughout Seoul including most subway stations and at the immigration office.

[  ]  C. Adoption Certificate (입양인사실확인서) - submit original (less than 3 months old, see date of issuance):

  • Needs to be requested by you through your adoption agency in Korea.
  • Eastern Social Welfare Society: postadoption@eastern.or.kr 02-332-3941 (from overseas: +82-2-332-3941)
  • Holt: holtkorea@hotmail.com 02-6938-5550 (from overseas: +82-2-6938-5550)
  • Korea Social Service: kssinc@kssinc.org 02-908-9191 (from overseas: +82-2-908-9191)
  • Social Welfare Society: swspas@sws.or.kr 02-567-8891 (from overseas: +82-2-567-8891)
  • In your request, please provide your CURRENT LEGAL NAME (the name on your passport), KOREAN NAME, DATE OF ADOPTION (if known), ADOPTIVE FATHERS FIRST & LAST NAME, COUNTRY OF ADOPTION and include an scan of your passport in your email.

[  ]  D. Korean Family Registry (가족관계증명서 (Family Relation Certificate) & 기본증명서 (Basic Certificate) or 제적등본 (Removal Certificate)) 1,000 won per copy:

  • Submit an ORIGINAL - less than 6 months old.
  • The date your Korean citizenship was canceled must be on the document.
  • Usually available immediately at a district office near the immigration office.
  • Can be picked up just prior to going to the immigration office
  • Ask for the the 가족관계증명서 & 기본증명서 first (if these two exist, you may need to complete an additional step of renouncing your Korean citizenship - see below), if it does not exist, then ask for 제적등본.
  • If you will obtain on your own -- you will need your Korean Name and your Adoption Agency address.  The clerk will have to look up your family registry in this manner.  If you know the Korean ID number which was assigned to you prior to your adoption, this may also be used.

[  ]  E. Certificate of Citizenship/Naturalization (외국국적 취득 관련 서류):

  • Submit a copy only.
  • Needs to be translated from your language to Korean (G.O.A.'L is official translation center for adoptees - authorized by Ministry of Justice-Immigration Service).
  • If the certificate is not in English, please translate from your language to English.
  • US Citizen's: ORIGINAL certificate must be presented for inspection. If you do not have one, you need to apply for a new one or replacement within the U.S.A. only. It cannot be obtained here in Seoul.

[  ]  F. 130,000 won for the Immigration Office's fees

  • 100,000 Won (application fee) exchanged for revenue stamps / 30,000 Won (ID fee) deposited at the ATM on the 1st or 2nd floor.
  • The fees have increased starting January 1, 2014
  • If you obtained your F-4 Visa outside of Korea, you will only need to pay 30,000 Won for the F-4 ID Card (Alien Registration Card)

[  ]  G. A copy of your lease (rental contract)

  • You need to be able to document that the address you register on your visa application and as domestic residence is your actual place of residence. If your name is not on the lease you need a form called the "Confirmation of Residence/Accommodation", a copy of the ID of the person who is leasing/owning the accommodation (house mate, friend, partner, etc), and a copy of their lease/housing title. G.O.A.'L can send you this form to fill out if needed.


1. Scan your PASSPORT and CERTIFICATE OF NATURALIZATION or CITIZENSHIP, and email the two documents to f4@goal.or.kr.

2. Once you obtain your ADOPTION CERTIFICATE from the adoption agency or G.O.A.'L receives it, G.O.A.'L will notify you via email to make an appointment for a G.O.A.’L volunteer to acompany you to the immigration office.*

3. On your appointment day, please bring your PASSPORT, CERTIFICATE OF CITIZENSHIP/NATURALIZATION, APPLICATION FEE and 2 PHOTOS to the G.O.A.’L OFFICE or the designated meeting point.

4. Pick up your completed F-4 Registration card at the immigration office on the date it is available. You can also have it delivered to the address you are registered for an extra fee of 3,000 won.


  • The processing time for the F-4 visa is approximately 2-4 weeks.  If you leave the country during the issuance period, YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE CANCELED.
  • YOU MAY HAVE TO RENOUNCE YOUR KOREAN CITIZENSHIP AT THE IMMIGRATION OFFICE AT THE SAME TIME YOU APPLY FOR THE F4 VISA.  This is ONLY an administrative step -- your Korean citizenship was already canceled 6 months after you acquired citizenship in your adoptive country.
  • Make sure you check with the immigration office about when and where you should pick up your F-4 registration card.  For an extra fee (KRW 3,000), it can be delivered to an address of your choice; however, someone will been to be present to sign for the delivery - they cannot leave it in your mailbox.
  • If you currently have a visa and are switching to an F-4 visa, you may be asked to present a copy of your current rental agreement.  If you don't have a rental agreement and living with a friend or family member, they will be required to provide the information the Confirmation of Residence/Accommodation form (stating that you are living there etc - please contact G.O.A.'L for further information).
  • As of a April 4, 2016, you are required to book your immigration visit online at www.hikorea.go.kr prior to visit. Please contact G.O.A.'L if  you need assistance with scheduling an appointment at immigration. 

*G.O.A.’L processing time and volunteers subject to availability


1) Q: Can I apply for a F-4 visa at the local Korean Embassy or Consulate in my country of adoption or current residence?

    A:  Yes; however, even though you submitted these documents to the Embassy or Consulate, you must submit all the documents listed above again to the Immigration Department in Korea to complete your Domestic Residence Report in order to obtain the F-4 ID card (equivalent to the Alien Registration Card).