F-4 Visa: Renewals, Updates, Etc.


An Overseas Korean (F-4) visa holder is required to seek approval to extend their period of sojourn, if he/she wishes to stay in Korea longer.

·        By principle, the maximum length of stay is 3 years.
·        If you have violated Korean laws in the past, you may not be eligible to extend your period of sojourn to stay in Korea.
·        The renewal will be documented on the back of your current ID card.

The following documents are required for your F-4 visa for the first renewal

1.   Application (available at the immigration office)

2.   KRW 60,000 revenue stamp (available at the immigration office)

3.   Passport (with 3 or more years validity)

4.   Family registry (KRW 1,000: dated less than 6 months old - available at any District office or Village center)

5.   Copy of your current lease and/or visa renewal reminder letter that comes in the mail

6.   Foreigners with back taxes may experience restrictions on their visa renewals

The following documents are required to renew your F-4 visa after the first renewal.

1.   Application (available at the immigration office)

2.   60,000 won revenue stamp (available at the immigration office)

3.   Passport, with at least 3 or more years of validity

4.   Copy of your current lease and/or visa renewal reminder letter that comes in the mail

5.   For those that have resided in Korea for an extended period of time, immigration may require police clearance from where you live. Additionally, if you were charged with a crime but are still eligible for renewal, you may be asked for the disposition certification

**The following information is directly from the Ministry of Justice and from the Korean Immigration website. The Immigration Service officers have the liberty to decide to accept something less or request for more documents if they deem it necessary. Please keep in mind that a copy of your current lease and/or the visa renewal reminder letter is/are the bare minimum required documentation that Korean immigration will accept.** 



In accordance with the Immigration Control Act, you are required to report the change of your residence within 14 days of your move. If not, you are subject to a fine of up to 2 million Korean won (approximately equivalent of $1,900 USD or 1,500 EUR). The change can be reported to the Immigration Office or the local District Office which has jurisdiction over your new residence. Confirmation of the update will be documented on the back of your ID card.
 There is no fee. The following documents are required to change your address.

1.    Application (available at the immigration office or district office)

In the event your card is lost, stolen or mutilated, you must report this immediately to the Immigration Office within 14 days. Violation of this procedure may result in fines of up to 1 million Korean won (approximately $1,000 USD or 720 EUR).

The following documents are required.

1.    Application (available at the immigration office)
2.    One 3cm x 4cm sized photo
3.    Passport
4.    30,000 KRW to reissue the ID card
5.    Delivery Fee [the delivery fee is optional in lieu of pick-up in person]: Main/Southern Office: 3,000 KRW /Sejeong Office: 4,500 KRW

**As of a April 4, 2016, you are required to book your immigration visit online at www.hikorea.go.kr prior to visit. Please contact G.O.A.'L if  you need assistance with scheduling an appointment at immigration.** 

**If renewing/updating online through the HiKorea website, you will still need to go to a Korean Immigration Office that correspond to your address.